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Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Pre-Home Inspections: What Every Seller Should Consider !

Chris and I are Realtors so our opinion is obviously one from that perspective. But, that perspective was pierced last year when we helped my mother sell our family home of 35+ years located in Bucks County. It was a really slow market at that time and we wanted to sell the home in a few months rather than the average 6-8 months it was taking other homes to sell. So, my perspective as “just another Realtor” faded fast since this was the home I spent my formidable years growing up in and there were many memories embedded into every square foot.

Magnifying glassCollectively we agreed that the old house was very well maintained but it certainly needed some repairs.Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to get a pre-inspection to get a good overview of what we might be up against when a buyer got their own independent home inspection. We did not want any surprises.

We got the inspection done and decided to repair many of the small items that popped up and adjust the price of the property to compensate for some of the items we were not interested in replacing or repairing. We decided not to use our home inspection as a marketing tool in the advertising though we could easily have done so. That was not our goal in getting the pre-inspection. We did it for our own information and for disclosure purposes.

The home went pending in 3 weeks in a slow market and settled in less than 45 days at a great price. I attribute that success story to the decision we made to get the pre-inspection. It eliminated the “fear of the unknown” regarding repairs and allowed us to confidently and intelligently price and sell the property fast.

Every seller in this Real Estate Market, whether it be in Philadelphia, Bucks County Pennsylvania, or anywhere across the country should consider doing a pre-inspection prior to selling their home. In fact, every Realtor representing a seller should consider introducing that option to their seller clients.

Pre-inspections are beneficial and should be considered by every seller because:

1) Pre-Inspections remove the fear of the unknown

2) Pre-Inspections create a platform for realistic pricing from the start

3) Pre-Inspections provide a real advantage when used to increase marketing appeal

The bottom line is information helps empower one to make informed decisions. If interested in additional information regarding selling your home, please contact The Somers at

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Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Dear Santa, Does my butt look fat in these jeans?

“Your butt looks great in those jeans!”

That is all I needed to hear. SOLD ! Kim Montenegro knows her jeans and so she should. She is the designer and owner of Very Bad Horse, just the coolest denim Boutique in Philadelphia. In my mind, it is best described as a mash-up of Classic Western, Biker Tough, and absolutely Haute Couture worthy.


MotorMontenegro label has a large following including the famous and infamous. The denim wear including jeans, shirts, jackets, vests, skirts, as well as accessories that are available online and in the store.


Very Bad Horse has a hot Rock and Roll edge to it which is a style that really thrives in an urban terrain like Philadelphia / Northern Liberties. But don’t underestimate the versatility of the clothing. You do not need a Harley to pull off a look that is classic and timeless.

I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated at first by the no nonsense, trend-on, in your face, coolness vibe I got from the store. The clothing is not cheap either. But nothing that is made with this level of quality and attention to detail is. I am talking about 100% high quality cotton, American made, saturated with the finest washes and of course the secret ingredient, attitude.

Daniel (see photo to the right) who mans the shop when Kim Montenegro is not there, told me that Santa is working very closeley with them this year. It seems that Very Bad Horse has even gained a rep up North. Apparently Motor Jeans are Santa’s perfect fit for those bad boys and girls on his “NAUGHTY LIST”!

Thank you Santa ! I love my new jeans !

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Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Happy Holidays from RE/MAX Access !

Happy Holidays !
Happy Holidays !


We wish everyone a fantastic holiday season ! 2009 was a super year for RE/MAX Access. And we are even more excited for all the fantastic opportunities in 2010 ! Please subscribe to our blog to follow along and stay connected with us here at Access Philly !








Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Raising the Bar from our New Philadelphia location and Bringing Innovation to Consumers and Agents with a new state of the art website


With our recent move to the The Rialto Building in Northern Liberties, we are furthering our connection to the Philadelphia community and bringing consumers an enhanced home search with the launch of our new state of the art website, Access Philly.

We are confident that our investment in our new office space as well as our new cutting edge technology, we will be a one stop shop for our clients, providing them with access to everything they need when it comes to buying and selling real estate and will bring our agents even more visibility and functionality.

On December 14th we published a Press Release about our new Remax Access Office and wanted to not only share it with you, but show you what a great tool a press release can be for your business. Press releases are a great marketing tool that can be picked up by many search engines and sites that will bring traffic to your website and increase your visibility with consumers.

In one week our press release has received: 79138 impressions and 927 reads.


    Reads: A read refers to any time the full body text of your press release has been displayed at any of the distribution points PRWeb has the ability to track.
    Impressions: A headline impression refers to any time the headline (and possibly the summary) is displayed at any of the distribution points PRWeb has the ability to track. This includes PRWeb’s home page, browsing by day or category, and news feeds.


Just look at a screen shot of who’s picked up our Press Release:


With results like this we hope you will consider utilizing a press release in your marketing plan that will certainly increase your chances of being found by consumers.

We wish you much success in announcing your special events and accomplishments.

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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Remax Access – Your Resource and Connection to Philadelphia Real Estate and the Journey we’ve been on…

scenic mountain highway

If you’ve read some of other blog posts (see “Our Journey” below) and spoken to us  you’ll know it’s been hard to contain our excitement about our move to our new space on the 5th floor at The Rialto Building, a 7 story all glass professional building with amazing views of Philadelphia.

It is part of the Piazza project, an area surrounded by an incredible array of gastro pubs, fine restaurants and casual fooderies as well as shopping, galleries, boutiques, and entertainment.

We are officially moved in and on December 2nd had the opportunity to show off our new space to many of our clients and fellow agents.

Here are a few snap shots from that spectacular event.


We hope you will make it a point to stop in for a visit if you’re ever  in the Philadelphia and Northern Liberties Area.


chris-and-steve-new-remax-officeThis move, along with the many great clients we’ve had the opportunity to assist and get to know, has been a fabulous journey and experience for us and we are only looking forward to many more great things to come as we settle into our new space and look forward to what the coming year has in store for us, our clients and the Philadelphia Real Estate Market.

Learn more about “Our Journey “:

Owner with a leading eye on the future

Remax moving to Northern Liberties

Perspective – A snapshot of one person’s revelation

Remax is moving

Hello from the new Remax Office

A sneak peak tour of the new Remax Office


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in buying or selling properties in Philadelphia, contact Chris and Stephanie Somers at or 215-400-2612. 

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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Let My Neighborhood Dealer Hook You Up at One Shot !

Let My Neighborhood Dealer Hook You Up… With a Great Cup of Coffee!



The past couple of weeks since the cold weather has blown into Philadelphia, I have been madly in love with One Shot Coffe shop’s Pumpkin Late. I do not like it too sweet so I ask for only a dash of the magic pumpkin syrup that they use. It takes me to my happy place : )

But a good coffee dealer needs more than a tasty brew to become a place you really enjoy going to over and over again. Here are a few of the reasons why I am hooked on One Shot:

1) I like the music they play. The play-list is rocking in there, it is always the perfect choice for background music or worthy of simply listening to and enjoying !

2) The servers behind the counter are nice. I like nice. Nice is good ! I may not always be in a nice mood myself particularly when I have not had my coffee yet… So having my coffee served to me with a smile is nice. I’ll definitely be back for more of that !!

3) They have really comfortable sofas that kind-of remind me of my grandmother’s but without the plastic slipcovers. Yes, I admit it. My grandmother had plastic slipcovers. Please don’t judge me.

So if you are a coffee junkie or just use it recreationally, I have a great caffeine dealer I can hook you up with. Check out One Shot Coffee located in Northern Liberties. They also make a seriously delicious garden bagel with capers and cucumber and their hummus sandwich is out of this world.

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Monday, December 21st, 2009

RE/MAX Access Welcomes Ed Quigley !

RE/MAX Access is proud to announce the arrival of Ed Quigley ! He joins us from Mercury Real Estate, where he was one of the current top producing agents.


Ed was born and raised in Philadelphia. Through his interests of investing in real estate properties, Ed decided to quench his thirst by obtaining a Realtor’s license turning his interests into a successful real estate career.

Ed foresees unlimited, rewarding possibilities in the field which has helped him grow personally and professionally into a very successful Realtor and Investor. Ed devotes himself to the profession 24/7 as a daily businessman who truly appreciates liability, protection and productivity to the fullest for the clients that he serves. Ed works with investors, rehab specialists, first time buyers, and has full knowledge of the entire city of Philadelphia and it’s surrounding areas. Ed anticipates his success rate to be double within the next five years because“failure is never an option”.

Due to RE/MAX Access recently moving to our new location in Northern Liberties , our being ahead of the curve in technology and innovation, and the marked benefits of the RE/MAX model, the decision for Ed to join us was an easy one. Ed’s wife will also be joining him as she is just waiting to take the state exams to get her real estate license. Look out Philly ! !

Please welcome Ed to RE/MAX Access ! And if you are in Philadelphia, reach out to him to say hello ! I am sure he would love to speak to you about buying or selling a property or email him at .

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Monday, December 21st, 2009

A Snow Scene from the Piazza Remax Access in Northern Liberties

Remax Access: Snow falls in the Piazza in Northern Liberties

Remax Access: Snow falls in the Piazza in Northern Liberties

Chris Somers (Realtor/Owner) takes a quick snap shot from the balcony of Remax Access as the snow storm blankets the entire Philadelphia Area. Notice this shot of the Piazza in Northern Liberties where people gather to watch Christmas movies on the big screen and enjoy a frolicking in the snow.




Monday, December 21st, 2009

Snowed in ? Not at RE/MAX Access !

On Saturday, during the snowstorm, Realtor Rod Kujawa was busy writing up an offer for one of his clients.  Obviously not being bothered by the weather, Rod and his client took the opportunity to seize the moment.  Ultimately, in the real estate world, there is no day off.  Whether it snows or not, our agents are always available to do business !

Below is a photo of Rod and his client working intensely to get their deal together !  Wish them luck for a successful outcome !

This is a perfect example of the commitment that all of our agents have at RE/MAX Access !

Rod Kujawa working during the snowstorm

Rod Kujawa working during the snowstorm

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Melissa looks forward to your call and visit to Remax Access!


Often we form opinions about people the first time we meet them or hear them.  As business owners we know one of the ways our company is judged is by the way our receptionist answers the telephone and greets our visitors at the door.

At Remax Access, people’s perception of us does matter.

Melissa with her pleasant demeanor looks forward to your call and visit to our office (tour included!)

We know your contact with our office, whether over the telephone or during your visit to our new office, will leave you with the feeling that our relationship with you is important to us.

If you have an interest in Buying, Selling or Renting in Philadelphia, Remax Access is at your service!