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Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Open House Schedule for July 27th and 28th

Open House Schedule for July 27th and 28th

Friday, July 26th, 2013

RE/MAX Access Featured Agent: Alena Herghelegiu

Alena and Daughter
Photo by Danielle Nowak

By: Angie Gallagher and Elizabeth Flynn

RE/MAX Access is starting a new blog feature highlighting the lovely personalities of our star agents. Our franchise truly believes that it is their individuality and hearts that make RE/MAX Access stand out compared to other Philadelphia brokerages. RE/MAX Access is more than a corporation- we are a collective of people who truly care about each other and our clients.

Our flagship post highlights Alena Herghelegiu, a mother, Drexel graduate, and ten-year veteran in Real Estate. Alena provides her clients with kindness, caring, and information. She is outpacing many agents by embracing digital technology with innovative presentations and intuitive marketing. Alena brings a gentle and sophisticated eye to a process that can be overwhelming, whether you are a buyer or seller.

RE/MAX Access has long signed agents who are beyond the ordinary. It is their hard work and mindfulness that makes us great. Get to know Alena better, and see why excellent agents make an amazing brokerage!

Q. When did you get started in real estate?
A. I started my career while still a marketing student at Drexel in 2003. The real estate bubble was just forming, and it was a very exciting time to get involved. The market at that time moved very fast, allowing me to get a tremendous amount of experience in an extremely short time. I’ve been at it 10 years now and love every minute!

Q. What made you want to be an agent?
A. Going to Drexel, I had the opportunity to work in corporate America through their co-op program, and quickly realized that I needed something more meaningful. Going to the office to meet meaningless deadlines was just not for me. I found a passion helping people make moves and meet their goals through real estate.

Q. What’s your real estate philosophy?
A. Clients come first! My clients’ needs are always my priority. My intention is to help them achieve their dream as quickly and easily as possible. I provide all around service and share the network of relationships I’ve built on trust over the past 10 years.

Q. What area is your specialty?
A. All of Center City, and everything up the 95 corridor, into Lower Bucks, and Eastern Montgomery County.

Alena and Son
Photo by Danielle Nowak

Q. What do you love about working for RE/MAX Access?
A. I love my fellow realtors and the technology services that RE/MAX Access provides. I also love the family environment here- Everyone works together and trusts each other. Our RE/MAX team provides all the resources we need right at out fingertips.

Q. Who is your most memorable client?
A. All of my clients are memorable. Every client I work with becomes a friend, which allows me to become his or her realtor for life.

Q. Let’s get real – what’s the hardest situation you’ve been in as an agent, and how did you resolve it?
A. The hardest situations are when a person is selling a property and buying one back to back. If something goes wrong with their sale, it holds up their purchase. I try to have a constant communication with everyone involved in the transaction to avoid problems from happening. If an issue arises, I do my best to keep everyone on the same page, and get them moved into their home on time.

Q. What are the most strategic investments a client could make at this time?
A. Buying a home while the market is good and interest rates are low is always the best investment someone can make. If you’re already in your home, I can offer you a free consultation to discuss potential renovations or upgrades that will increase value for a future sale.

Q. How do you go over and above to assist your client?
A. Advocacy. I keep my clients’ best interest in mind, and truly advocate for their needs during the negation process. If a win-win deal can be made, I will go the extra mile to get it done for my client.

Q. Where do you see the Philadelphia real estate market going?
A. The market has been up and down the last few years, but right now it is on a pretty steady climb. There is a lot of new construction and good deals to be found, if you are working with the right agent, who understands your needs and the market.
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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Video Collab for Ellsworth Street

Here is the 5th and final video of the Somers Team’s series of video collaborations!
This video collab showcases a beautifully renovation on Ellsworth Street in Passyunk Square.
The storyline highlights how one man finds the inspiration to create a beautiful piece of music.
The song was written and performed by Christian Taizon of Sap Sounds.
The video was produced by Kris of Krisp Films.

Although this was the 5th video of The Somers’ 5-video series, I wouldn’t be surprised
if a few more popped up on here in the future. The Somers are always sharing their inspiration,
as they are proud supporters of Business, Art and Real Estate in Philadelphia.

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

RE/MAX Access Celebrates “Take Your Dog To Work Day” Everyday

Does your office celebrate “Take Your Dog To Work Day” once a year? Here at RE/MAX Access, every day is take your dog to work day! Having well-behaved pooches around the office is always a delight for our animal lovers. Some even keep treats at their desks, and greet the pups with them when they come in. Today, one of our agents Dana brought her son to work, and he loved meeting our agent Sean’s two adorable rescue dogs, Milo and Emma.

Take Your Dog To Work Day

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Video Collab for North Front Street

Here is the 4th video of the Somers Team’s series of video collaborations!
This video collab showcases a gorgeous home at 919 N. Front Street in Northern Liberties.
The adorable pup in this video is Milo, a rescue dog from Street Tails Animal Rescue,
and the pet shop featured in the beginning is Chic Petique, located at 1030 N 2nd Street #401.
The video was produced by Kris of Krisp Films.

There’s only one video left to come in this series!
Come back again soon for the 5th video! 🙂