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Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend at The Piazza

On Thursday, you’ll enjoy Thanksgiving with loved ones. On Friday, you may put your brave-face on and venture out to the stores to score great deals. But what about the rest of your weekend?

Come spend a day at The Piazza!

Thanksgiving Weekend at The Piazza

The Piazza’s brand new ice-skating rink will be open Saturday and Sunday, 11am-11pm.

And once you skate up an appetite,
grab a bite to eat at one of the awesome restaurants in the Piazza:

* Darling’s Diner – a 1950’s style 24-hour diner
* King’s Oak – an American grill and sports bar
* Gunner’s Run – a pub serving American food and artisan beers
* P.Y.T. – a burger joint, bar and lounge
* Max’s Brewbar Crafteria – a sports bar with 32 different taps
* El Camino – a Mexican/Texas Style BBQ restaurant, located right across the street

Thanksgiving Weekend at The Piazza

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend!

RE/MAX Access

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Open House Schedule for November 24th

Open House Schedule for November 24th

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

RE/MAX Access at Annual GPAR Networking Breakfast

RE/MAX Access attended the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors Annual Networking Breakfast today en mass. As participating REALTORS® in GPAR, with one of our owners, Chris Somers on GPAR’s Government Affairs Committee, Access Philly was so excited to network with so many successful Philadelphia agents. Darrell Clarke, Philadelphia’s City Council President was also in attendance to speak and accept GPAR’s award for Public Servant of the Year.

We can’t say enough about GPAR’s new initiatives outlined by current president Alan Domb. Allen is a great speaker, and motivates us all to work together to build towards a stronger and more vibrant community.

Chris and Darrell Clark
Some of Allen and GPAR’s have “numerous legislative and financial challenges” since Domb became president. Some of their work partnering with Philadelphia City Council is outlined below:

City-wide Tax Assessments and AVI.

Establishing a fair millage rate for real estate taxation.

The closing of dozens of public schools.

The collection of $1.6 BILLION in tax delinquencies.

Encouraging more effective and efficient technology for city departments to become more consumer and business friendly.

Saving the ten year real estate tax abatement and encouraging additional abatements for neighborhoods that desperately need them.

Promoting city owned buildings’ conversion to natural gas for more economic and green usage.

Encouraging city legislators on the value of a true and real land bank system whereby vacant, blighted and dilapidated buildings and lots can be transformed into vibrant useful housing and have these properties restored on the city’s tax roll.

RE/MAX Access is so proud to be a part of GPAR and roll up our sleeves to create a healthier, stronger 21st century Philadelphia. We look forward to new developments in the future.

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Open House Schedule for November 17th

Open House Schedule for November 17th

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Ice Skating at The Piazza

Ice Skating at The Piazza

Beginning the end of this month,
the Piazza will be bringing in a pop-up artificial skating rink.
It will be located right in the center of the courtyard. The GRAND OPENING will be on
Monday, December 2nd, but for those of you who can’t wait, the rink will also
be open Saturday, November 30th and Sunday, December 1st.

For hours and prices, check out their website

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Open House Schedule for November 9th and 10th

Open House Schedule for November 9th and 10th

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Bringing the Old into the New: Jinxed brings Sweet Vintage to the Piazza

By: Elizabeth Flynn and Angie Gallagher

Jinxed Intvw Exterior

Outside Jinxed at the Piazza

As Northern Liberties moves from being an up and coming to fully established, RE/MAX Access is spotlighting local businesses that have contributed to defining the our community. Jinxed in the Piazza is one of three locations specializing in vintage furniture, t-shirts, toys and art shows. They curate finds from “secret locations” that span many different eras, but some how create a cohesive vision of pure rocking coolness.   Jinxed Kids

RE/MAX Access popped into Jinxed (it’s right next door to our office) and chatted up Kelli Mercado, one of Jinxed’s buyers. She filled us in on their growth from a small T-shirt and vinyl toy store to three vintage locations. Kelli told us that Jinxed started at 620 4th St 9 years ago. They then moved to the Piazza in NoLibs location, which was originally shared split with an art gallery. Three years ago the owner, Mike started selling vintage furniture along with his curios about three years ago. That turned out to be a hugely savvy business choice. Though RE/MAX Access pressed Kelli to try to find out where Jinxed buys it’s vintage collection, she told us that the first thing she learned about curating and buying her collection is to NEVER give away their buying secrets. She would only tell us that they search far and wide to find their awesome merchandise. Kelly made sure to tell us that their vintage merchandise is, “not strictly from any specific era” but that they “buy what speaks to us.”


Jinxed Intvw Interior Toys

Rad Curios for the Curious

But bringing all that cool stuff to The Piazza as one of the original tenants has helped the Piazza project itself, but also Jinxed’s business grow astronomically. The Piazza is now the development success story of Philadelphia that every contractor would love to emulate, and Jinxed has since opened two subsequent locations! Kelli says that the Piazza location is really great foot traffic because so many people are there for dining, and swing by after dates and dinner. “Everything around here is nice new and clean, so we stick out since we have old vintage things.” Kelli said.

“You can walk in here totally confused, but still walk out of here with something cool.”

Jinxed Locations:

The Piazza In NoLibs

611 S. 4th

1331 Frankford Ave.

Follow Jinxed on:

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Open House Schedule for November 3rd

Open House Schedule for November 3rd

Friday, November 1st, 2013

RE/MAX Access Supports “Project Clean Streets”

Over the summer, the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association (NLNA) debuted a new program, “Project Clean Streets “. The goal was to alleviate Northern Liberties’ litter and trash problem. The NLNA hired a small crew to sweep designated streets and problem areas once a week.

The NLNA has been asking for support from local businesses to grow their service, in order to sweep streets more frequently, and RE/MAX Access is on board! We LOVE this project, and contributed $250 to help improve Northern Liberties. We take pride in our location, and support the NLNA’s effort to keep our neighborhood clean and beautiful.

Because the City has no resources for city-wide street cleaning, it’s up to us as a neighborhood to keep our streets litter-free. Weekly clean-ups with neighbors can be fun, and they leave you with a sense of accomplishment! To receive supplies and trash bags for your own block sweeping party, e-mail

REMAX Access Supports Project Clean Streets