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Monday, June 30th, 2014

FYI – Pop Up Beer Gardens

It’s summertime, and everything is great – especially the amount of pop-up beer gardens happening throughout the city!  Here are four that you can’t miss out on!
@kiyomi4948 on Instagram

@kiyomi4948 on Instagram

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Open House Schedule for June 28th and 29th

Saturday, June 28th

Langhorne — 745 Bridgeview — 12:00pm-2:00pm


Sunday, June 29th

Langhorne — 745 Bridgeview — 12:00pm-2:00pm

Northern Liberties — 903 N. 5th Street — 12:30pm-2:30pm

Northern Liberties — 1020 Orkney Street — 1:00pm-2:00pm

Fishtown — 2155 E. Norris Street — 1:00pm-3:00pm

Fishtown — 2134 E. Dauphin Street — 2:00pm-3:00pm

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Lessons in manner of style

by Jarek Cotto   South Street is one of the main hubs of commerce in the city. Stretching some blocks, South Street is where you will find many places to spend your money. In the midsts of popular restaurants and sneaker stores lies a boutique dedicated to providing premium quality apparel and shoes. This place is called P’s & Q’s. Located right between 8th and 9th on south.  At first,  the shop might be easy to pass.  If you are not looking carefully, it would be easy to miss this unobtrusive shop. Once stepping in, one is immediately grabbed by the appearance of the store. Beautiful hardwood floors and shelves line the entire shop. Everything is bright and inviting.   The brands stocked in P’s & Q’s are thoughtful and considered. You can browse through a rack of the Massachusetts’ brand Penfield; Brooklyn’s The Hill-Side and Copenhagen’s fresh menswear line Norse Projects (the only place in Philly that carries this brand) just to name a few. P’s & Q’s also offers up home goods and skincare from eco-conscious brands like Izola and Baxter. The back of the store showcases beautiful hardcover tomes from Taschen Books and U.S. stationery brand Field Notes. The shop also carries their own line of t-shirts with smart and bold graphics created in-house. What I like most about this place is the overall vibe it has. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful, and most of all laid back and unpretentious. P’s & Q’s showcases their own interests and sense of style as opposed to following the latest trends or letting blog posts from the popular urban fashion website Hypebeast dictate their inventory. They also focus on brands that have eco and socially conscious business practices. P’s & Q’s does everything with their own sense of flare and style. The store has a clear focus and aesthetic and is a welcome addition to the city.

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

“Then he took another pebble and dropped that into the Pitcher…”


by Karley Cohen

The Crow and the Pitcher, no, no, not one of Aesop’s Fables – but a new American style bar and restaurant in Rittenhouse located at 267 South 19th Street.  They are open Tuesday through Sunday from 4pm until 2am and have delicious food created by Chef Alex Capasso.

Chef Alex is not just the chef, he is a partner within the ownership alongside Michael Franco.  Michael stands tall not just as part owner but also as the General Manager of the restaurant.  Prior to his endeavours with Crow and the Pitcher, he was the General Manager at Le Bec Fin and Per Se, located in New York City.   Chef Alex has brought some of his delicious dishes from his former place, Blackbird in Collingswood, New Jersey.

This bar has a huge focus on draft beer, classic cocktails, wine, and cheeses. They have a cheesemonger who is extremely knowledgeable about the origins of the cheeses and pairing with beers or wines.

My experience there was very positive.  I went later in evening, right before the kitchen closed, so my food options were limited. But the aesthetics and the vibe of the place was very positive and beautiful.  There was a lot of exposed wood, and classic but industrial style lighting and furniture which made it feel homey, welcoming and comfortable.

To begin, I started looking at their cocktail list, and decided on “The Juice Diet” which is made up of a tequila base, a house made honey-ginger syrup, lemon, and kale.  It was delicious and tasted very fresh. For food, I started with the white bean dip crostini that was tasty and light, a perfect way to begin.  The cheesemonger, Dave, came over to the table and we ordered three cheeses, based on his best judgement.  The three he chose were delicious and spot on with their pairing.  Dave had a story for every cheese, have it be about it name, or how it got its shape.  He was charismatic and definitely knew what he was talking about making his stories bring life to the table.  We finished up with fried pickles, because the kitchen was closed by the time we ordered (unfortunately)! Overall it was all good, and I would recommend going there for just cocktails, or trying out their full menu. I am definitely going to head back to indulge in some of their entrees.

The location of the Crow and the Pitcher is perfect.  Located in the heart of Rittenhouse and a short distance away from the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, and the heart of all of Center City.  If I lived in Rittenhouse I would be coming in there all the time especially during their happy hour between 4:30-6:30 Monday through Friday!


Monday, June 23rd, 2014

FYI – Bummed you missed Firefly? Don’t be.

by Karley

Philly friends, don’t be too upset about missing Firefly this year because Philly rules and a ton of those awesome musicians  are coming through our beautiful city very soon.  Make sure you check them out and support these talented people.  There are so many different flavors of music there is a little bit for everyone!

June 26 – Johnny Brenda’s
June 28th – Susquehanna Bank Center (Camden, NJ)
July 11 – Susquehanna Bank Center (Camden, NJ)
July 18 – World Cafe Life
July 18 – Johnny Brendas
July 18 – Festival Pier
July 22 – River Stage @ Penn’s Landing
July 27 – TLA
July 27 – XPoNential Music Festival @ Susquehanna Bank Center (Camden, NJ)
July 27 – XPoNential Music Festival @ Susquehanna Bank Center (Camden, NJ)
August 1 – Morgans Pier
August 2 – 1045 Summer Block Party
August 9th – Festival Pier
August 14 – North Star Bar
August 16 – Philly Folk Fe
August 30th – Made in American Tour @ Benjamin Franklin Parkway
August 30th – Made in American Tour @ Benjamin Franklin Parkway
August 31 – Made in America Tour @ Benjamin Franklin Parkway
September 19 – 1045 Summer Block Party Concert @ The Piazza
September 20 – Wells Fargo Center
September 28 – Tower Theater
October 18 –  Union Transfer


Saturday, June 21st, 2014

FYI- Lightning Strikes Twice!


by: Jarek Cotto

Check out what’s been going on in Philly lately. Read about the Philly residents as tough as this city! Was your home hit by lightning last night? Find out what areas were affected. Philly man arrested for connection to Nazi war crimes held without bail. How do you feel about the Comcast merger with Time Warner Cable? Are you a part of the 56% of Americans that oppose it, or the 11% that support it?

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Open House Schedule for June 22nd

Sunday, June 22nd

Torresdale — 9337 Edmund Street — 12:00pm-2:00pm

Fishtown — 2529 E. Thompson Street — 12:00pm-2:00pm

Northern Liberties — 903 N. 5th Street — 12:00pm-2:00pm

Northern Liberties — 432 Poplar Street — 1:00pm-3:00pm

Friday, June 20th, 2014

24 Hour Johnny People


Johnny Brenda's Exterior

by Jarek Cotto

Johnny Brenda’s is a beloved restaurant, bar, and music venue in Fishtown. Since moving to the Fishtown area in the summer of 2008, I have walked by this place and seen it bustling with young Fishtowners. Eventually, I asked about this place. That’s when I found out that it is one of the most renown music venues in the city. Not only that, but the restaurant/bar aspect of Johnny Brenda’s is also immensely popular.


JB’s was once a gritty tavern at the intersection of Frankford Ave. and Girard Ave. The second level, is now a 250 person music venue, was originally a boarding house. Since transforming to Johnny Brenda’s it has become an iconic cornerstone of the neighborhood. The place is constantly packed on the weekends with every hipster in the area. Just walking by this place is chaotic. You see people standing outside or sitting on one of the outdoor tables, and you can’t tell who is there for the restaurant, the bar, or the concert venue. It’s just a ton of people having a good time.


Everything at JB’s is high quality. They boast an eclectic menu using fresh, locally grown ingredients. A full menu is served from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. each day, with brunch added on the weekends. The menu is written on chalkboards because it is updated a few times a day to reflect what is in season. You won’t find any Corona here. Johnny Brendas serves all-draft microbrews from local breweries like Yards, Sly Fox, Troegs, Victory, Stoudt’s, Flyish Fish, and Dogfish Head. It’s places like Johnny Brenda’s that thrive in neighborhoods like Fishtown. Johnny Brenda’s success parallels the growth in Fishtown and they thrive off each other.


Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

District N9ne: Dancing on Command

by Karley Cohen

In the Callowhill section of the city, there is this huge and awesome music venue/club called District N9ne.  Located at 460 North 9th Street, it is well within the boundaries of its neighborhood.  Callowhill is north of Chinatown, south of Poplar, west of Northern Liberties and east of Spring Garden.  The border for Callowhill is between Vine Street and Spring Garden Street, and between Broad Street and 8th Street. Before this venue was District N9ne, it was known as the Starlight Ballroom up until September of 2013, when a man named Richard took over and changed the place a bit.

Inside of the venue is huge.  You walk inside and see the ticket person, in the same room is the women’s restroom which is outside of the actual music venue.  When you walk inside, there is a 21+ section where a bouncer is checking ID’s and giving those who are of age wristbands so they can purchase and consume alcohol from the bar that is towards the right.  In the same section of the bar, there is what I will call a “balcony” but it is more of a deck, or a porch in its style.  There are a few tall round tables, and some light up bean chairs.  From that section you have a perfect view of the stage because you are in the center and raised about a foot off the ground instead of being on the floor.

The main floor itself is huge!  There are giant support poles that are apart of the aesthetic of the interior but there are also circular cushioned seating along the left and right walls (which looking at the stage) that you can definitely sit with some friends in if the mood strikes.

Majority of the music that comes through District N9ne is EDM (electronic dance music) or some variation of that.  Many of the people in that music scene have accessories to enhance their dancing experience such as hula hoops and poi.

Luckily for this huge venue, there is a huge parking lot, directly across the street. This parking lot is the same space that is used for the Punk Rock Flea Market that happens twice a year, and just happened a few weekends ago!  The Punk Rock Flea Market is a place where local artists can show and sell their work or goods.

Having a venue in that location it is helpful with bringing in traffic and people to that neighborhood and having it become more well known.  It is right between various neighborhoods that are well known and well populated, more so than the Callowhill section.  But of course with more business and people coming through the neighborhood is becoming more well known and growing! Check out a show at this venue, you’ll have a blast.

Monday, June 16th, 2014

FYI – Buck a Shuck Happy Hours!


by: Karley Cohen2oysters-395

It’s summertime, and a perfect time to go sit outside somewhere and enjoy some delicious oysters.  These four places have buck a shuck oysters for $1 during happy hour!!

Center City:
Oyster House – M-F 5-7pm, Sat 9-11pm
1516 Sansom Street
West Philly:
Doc Magrogan’s – Monday 4-10pm
3234 Sansom Street
South Philly:
The Industry – M-F 4-7, Sat 3-5, Sun 9-midnight
1401 West Moyamensing Avenue
Northern Liberties:
Bar Ferdinand – M-F 5-7
1030 North 2nd Street