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Monday, June 8th, 2015

FYI: Made in America Will be Staying Exclusively in Philly This Summer.

By: Jarek Cotto

The “Made in America” festival will be staying in its city of origin this year. The show scheduled for LA was cancelled, but there are rumors of a second free concert in New York.

Pop up beer gardens are rising all across the city. Should they be required by law to get community input first?

Cop stops robbery in Rising Sun pizzeria from a suspect who was literally firing blanks! More here.

University of Pennsylvania has been added to the “most stressful” list College Magazine has created. See more below.

Since Indego has launched, there has been over 65,000 Philly bike share trips. Read more.

PA state police warn of a mass exodus of its older troopers, but why?

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

New Apartments Coming To Columbia Ave.

candy factory

By: Jarek Cotto

The Fishtown Neighbors Association recently supported plans to bring 17 units and ten parking spots to a vacant lot at 1133 E Columbia Ave stretching all the way to Earl Street. The plans were recently approved by the Zoning Board a couple of weeks ago and are designed by Harman Deutsch. When this project originally came before FNA last fall, it didn’t get support, but the shedding of a few of the units and a couple of design changes got the community behind the project.

It’s hard to miss the widespread development happening in just about everywhere you look in Fishtown. It is amazing to see the number of blocks where a new development is occurring or just recently finished up. According to OCF Realty some of the projects include, “the mixed-use project at Girard & Shackamaxon that brought apartments on the upper floors with Palm Tree Market on the ground-floor;  the French brasserie Girard that opened on the ground-floor of a mixed-use building at Marlborough; and across the street from that a former auto supply store has been fixed up and made much prettier.” That’s just to name a few.

The seventeen-unit project on Columbia Ave in conjunction with the Earl Street project will bring 31 new apartments and homes to the area. All we see is dollar signs when thinking about the influx of new customers coming to this commercial corridor.


Monday, November 17th, 2014

FYI: This Man Wants To Make The “Batsuit” A Reality.

By: Jarek Cotto

Philadelphia’s recycle rate has increased 155% in just 6 years after Mayor Nutter took office. A few things are the cause of this increase like the weekly recyclables collection, the Recyclebank rewards program, single stream collection, and tickets to those who do not recycle.


Philly Jesus had a run in with the law when he was arrested at love park for disorderly conduct. He claims that the arresting officer threatened to drive to a secret location and beat him up. He was only arrested for 2 hours and now says that a “famous Philadelphia Lawyer” wants to take his case.


Uber Black employees are ratting out UberX drivers because they are stealing all of their customers. The PPA has issued a statement saying that Uber Black drivers can call and report UberX drivers to get them fined and impounded. It has been working too. The PPA has been getting call after call reporting UberX drivers.


The Trump Taj Mahal has released their tentative closing date of December 12th. The employee union is fighting a court-ordered cost saving measure that is voiding their health and pension plans. Owners of the resort say that if something doesn’t happen soon, then they will most certainly close its doors.


Man stabs McDonalds employee after being told to leave during closing time. The suspect followed the employee to the parking lot where he was stabbed in the back and chased. Police have no suspects in custody.


Philadelphia man started a kickstarter to help him create an actual batman suit. He says that he wants it to be actual combat armor. Read more below.


Monday, November 10th, 2014

FYI: New Shake Shack Mural Coming In December.

By: Jarek Cotto

Local filmmaker Cory Popps is called wasteland, and it follows urban explorers into some of Philly’s most forgotten places. The show is on its second episode. Watch as co-owner of the web-design firm YIKES Inc. explores old, abandoned buildings and their decaying structures. Watch the second episode here.


A baby giraffe named Mika was born at Six Flags Great Adventure’s Safari Offroad Adventure. It is a 5 foot 10 inch female and you can see her now at the theme park.


Zombies scare the crap out of innocent Philadelphians when Youtube pranksters PrankvsPrank came to Philly. They set up in a few areas around town like across from Green Eggs in the Gayborhood and on South st. It looked like a homicide scene with dead bodies lying on the floor and when someone got close enough, boom! You can watch the video below.


Did you know Philly had a taxidermy competition? Neither did I. It’s called Philadelphia Alternative Taxidermy Competition and it takes place on November 15th at Keystone Mini-golf and Arcade. If taxidermy is your thing, then come down and watch as these experts make something unique out of something dead.


Shake Shack will be getting a new mural because of its partnership with Mural Arts. According to a Shake Shack press release, the work was inspired by “the green wall that surrounded the Center City Shake Shack during its opening construction, and reinforced by the plantings that decorate the roof year-round, the mural presents a fantasy of plants growing up the building wall, framing the whimsical encounter between the children. Stylistically, the mural captures the freshness and fluid feel of watercolor painting on a large scale.” The mural is set to debut sometime in December.


Wrestling fans rejoice. The Royal Rumble is coming to Philly on January 25th. Grab your jean shorts and elbow pads and come down to watch some dudes get thrown over some ropes.


Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Kensington’s Mini-Golf Course Is Actually Pretty Cool.

keystone mini golf 3

By: Jarek Cotto

Old factories have met different fates over the past few years. A former dye works was converted into apartments and office space at Oxford Mills. On Howard St., a factory was torn down to make room for new single homes. Today, we bring your attention to a factory that was converted into something pretty cool. The Keystone Mini-Golf and Arcade is a factory conversion that is a unique edition to the area.

Located at 161 Cecil B. Moore Ave. The space occupies what was a textile and dye warehouse in the past. This BYOB mini-golf course was opened in mid-June by two Bucks County natives, Bill Cannon and Drew Ferry. The idea came to them after experiencing a crappy mini-golf course themselves. They were toying around with the idea after that experience, so the next day they went hunting for a space and a week later they signed a lease.

keystone mini golf 1

They were originally going to make it a Philadelphia landmark-themed 9-hole, but Franklin Square already took that idea. Instead, they went with a 1950’s “Americana” type of look. The design for the holes was created by Drew’s retired father Skip  They plan on continually changing the course in order to”keep it fresh.” They acquired a number of the course’s unique fiberglass props from vintage stores and flea markets. The old-school arcade games were found and gifted to them.

keystone mini golf 2

This place brings some much needed fun to the area. Keystone Mini-Golf is open Thursdays from 3 p.m.-12 a.m., Fridays 3 p.m.-2 a.m., Saturdays 11 a.m.-2 a.m., Sundays 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Come get drunk and play some mini-golf!

Monday, August 11th, 2014

FYI: Parade Routes Aren’t the Only Things Changing in Philly.

Mummers gon' mum

By: Jarek Cotto


The mummers parade is a Philly tradition that many thought would stay the same way forever. Find out why they are thinking about reversing and shortening the traditional parade route. A Connecticut company, UIL Holdings is interested in purchasing Philadelphia Gas Works, and they have already spent 20 million trying to do so. Why is this company seeking to privatize PGW? Find out more below. Find out which pitcher the Phillies traded to the LA Dodgers. Is this Philadelphia resident associating with a terrorist group? Find out why many think Hayatullah Dawari is. A man wearing a muslim garb tried to rob a N.E bank. The peculiar thing is that this has happened before. Find out more about the attempted robbery below.

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

This Sunday! 2nd Street Festival

Sunday, August 3rd, from noon until 10pm, 2nd Street will be shut down to cars and vehicles for the 6th Annual Northern Liberties  2nd Street Festival.  There will be food trucks, craft vendors, live music and tons of other fun stuff going on.  RE/MAX Access will also have a booth there so come say “hi” to your favorite agents in the city. unnamed

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Tired of Going to Hallmark? Get A Real Gift Here!


By: Jarek Cotto

Omoi Zakka is a Japanese influenced gift shop on the 1600 block of Pine St. This place specializes in rare and unique gifts if you’re looking for something more out of the ordinary and not found in other chain stores. Omoi curates a shop full of Made in the USA products & local finds. They have unique and affordable jewelry, handbags, hats, scarves, stationery sets, frames prints, and more. The place has been around since 2006, and according to their website, “We’re a place that people come to when they need the perfect gift, something that isn’t found at every chain store, that can be imbued with special sentiment. We’re the ‘I just got paid and want to treat myself’ place. We’re the spot where there’s always something new in stock, be it for you, your friend, your home or office.”


What does its name stand for? Omoi, pronounced like “oh boy”, the first part of their name comes from the Japanese word (想い) loosely meaning “thoughts and ideas.” Omoi is nuanced with feelings of sincerity, hope, and consideration.  According to an explanation provided by their website, “Zakka is a kind of mundane object imbued with tremendous personal appeal. Some zakka are designed to be that way from the start, and other zakka become that way because you love them. A clock, a bag, a pencil case, the mug you drink your tea from, the incense burner on your dresser. Zakka are things that become the necessary items in your day to day life”


Omoi Zakka is a place that truly has its own feel. When you walk in there, you feel a sense of awe and wonder at all of the unique trinkets they have in there. You will find something different every time you go. If its a gift for someone, or just you treating yourself, you will find all you need here at Omoi Zakka.

Friday, July 11th, 2014

FYI: Extreme Heat Breeds Crazy Streets


Curated By: Jarek Cotto

What’s going on in Philly besides this heat? Philadelphia schools are about to take a big blow. More than 300 teachers will be laid off in the coming school year. Will a Philly cop stand trial on a bizarre imprisonment case? Find out what happens to him. We all know how tough riding Septa can be, but during a heatwave it could be the most brutal thing you could ever experience. Discover the 10 commandments for riding Septa in a heatwave.  The Mural Arts Program to paint a new Phillies mural? The concept design is amazing. Find out more details below.


Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

The Taste of Brotherly Love



What is Art in the Age (of Mechanical Reproduction) all about? Well, they are a brick and mortar shop located in the heart of Olde City, at 116 North 3rd Street, that specializes in being a distillery for their spirit line, a clothing shop, and a small gallery.  The inside of the shop is curated to resemble a museum.  For First Friday events in Olde City, the shop does have rotating exhibitions and collaborations that feature their spirits.

Thier distillery produces a line of 4 spirits called ROOT, SNAP, RHUBARB, and SAGE. Each one is based on a recipe from early Pennsylvania settlements and is as close as possible to the original recipes, including using organic ingredients.  These spirits are pre-prohibition and all 80 proof.


-1700s called “Root Tea”

-Made with Sassafras, Sarsaparilla, Birch Bark, Wild Roots, and Herbs

-Root Beer is a non-alcoholic descendant of this beverage



-German Ginger Snap aka “Lebkuchen”

-Invented by German monks in the 12th century

-American in the 1600s in the Pennsylvania Dutch (really German)




-A Ben Franklin favorite, originally from China

-Made with Beets, Carrots, Lemons, Petitgrain, Cardamom, Pure Cane Sugar, and Rhubarb

-80 proof! That is delicious.




-Gardin Gin based on Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello gardens

-Made with Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender, Fennel and Sage

-The goal is to make craft cocktails inspired by a simpler time


The Art in the Age team is fantastic about sharing recipes that feature the four spirits. Their website has tons of ideas!

If you have not seen the shop, or tried any of these spirits- you must.  They are rich in Pennsylvania and  Philadelphia history – keeping the brotherly love of Philadelphia on the tip of our tongues.