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Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Port Richmond: Philly’s New B-Boy Capital

by: Jarek Cotto

Port Richmond is currently home to one of breakdancing’s most talented rising stars. Ben “Box Won” Barnes has been on the breaking scene for years alongside many famous b-boys of today. Box has been gaining notoriety in the breaking world for some time. Even Red Bull is doing a commercial on him. I got to sit down with my good friend Box and ask him a few questions about his start in breaking and how he got to where he is today.

I wanted to know what made Box want to become a b-boy in the first place, and without hesitation he said Micheal Jackson. He stated that he had watched a concert video of Micheal Jackson on VHS tape when he was about seven years old, and this is what inspired him to dance. He said he would mimic Micheal’s moves all the time as a child and eventually it turned into a passion for him. From there his attention turned to music videos and movies, then eventually he started practicing on his own.

I asked him what his first real B-Boy event was and he told me that it was called The Gathering. It is Philly’s longest running B-Boy event at the Rotunda Church. When I asked what his training schedule was like, he replied that it used to be every day, but now it’s whenever he “feels” it. Spoken like a true legend in the works.

Box goes to a ton of events. This past weekend, he went to Red Bull’s regional qualifier. What he started was the biggest 1-on-1 in the world at 2424 E York St.

My final question to Ben was how has Port Richmond played a part in his breakdancing. He said that it has given him inspiration because of all of the different kinds of people he sees and the graffiti, which he added, is one of the five elements of Hip-Hop. Keep a look out for the great Box Won in the future. Go to one of his shows. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.