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Friday, May 15th, 2015

Six New Homes Coming To Trenton Avenue.

By: Jarek Cotto

Trenton Stables is the name of the new six home project being built at the intersection of Blair Street and Trenton Avenue. AGA Developers are the ones behind the construction on this “flatiron-shaped” parcel. These are the same developers that have been building the Frankford Square project for the past few years. The homes are replacing a one-story building that was once a stable back in the day. Ironic isn’t it? We must say that it is a drastic improvement than what was there before.

Four homes are now framed out and will be finished by June according to the project website. These four homes will have a pretty standard layout, with a garage in the back facing Blair Street. According to the project website, “Home features include black-diamond brick exterior, rear garage, finished basement, gourmet kitchen with stone countertop, 4th floor master suite, roof-top deck, an open floor plan with hardwood flooring throughout. Buyers will be able to customize all finishes!” The remaining homes are still waiting to be framed. These will be much more unusual because the lot narrows to a point.

Don’t think there is still plenty of time left to purchase one of these townhouses. According to OCF Realty, “Three of the homes are already under agreement but the “corner” home is still available.” Even though it is oddly shaped, it will have 3,300 sqft of interior space along with parking. The homes are pricing fairly high near the 500’s but that should not be an issue to interested parties. Once this project is done, it will bring life back to the area.

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

FYI: How Do We Increase Safety For Bike Riders In Our City?

By: Jarek Cotto


The Sixers’ new logos carry a retro-ish vibe with them. The team’s new logo is a modern version of their classic insignia. More here.


Drunk man tunnels into an Old City karaoke joint and steals alcoholic beverages. How thirsty was this guy?


Philly’s new sick leave law goes into effect on Wednesday. What does this new law entail? Find out here.


There were a total of 551 bike accidents in Philly in 2014. Even though that number has dropped drastically over the past few decades, city officials still believe that there are still too many accidents. As a fellow cyclist myself, I agree. Now, the question is, how do they go about making our city safer for bikers?


A man shoved a gun up his where? You may not want to know where it ended up, but it’s very entertaining to say the least

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

FYI: Don’t Worry Philly, Beans is Fine.

By: Jarek Cotto


A group of 9 people initiated a dine and dash at Dim Sum Garden on Friday. This was no ordinary dine and dash either. They set off fire crackers shortly before jetting out of the door. Police are still investigating.


Septa Police and the PPD are testing out new body cameras. After the recent incidences of police brutality, a staggering number of people are in favor of police wearing body cameras at all times. Will this have any positive effect? Only time will tell.


Charges against Philly Jesus were dropped after being arrested for failure to disperse. His lawyer, Charles Gibbs, said in a tweet, “People said #freePhillyJesus and we at @thegreenfirmllc said “o.k.” Now, he’s free from persecution….” Now, how long will he stay out of trouble?


Jason Werth sentenced to jail for speeding.


Philly rapper, Beanie Sigel was shot in Pleasantville after a dispute. Don’t worry, he’s fine!


Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Want To Make A Change In Your Neighborhood?

by Karley Cohen

@ftpforthepeople on instagram

@ftpforthepeople on instagram

Every neighborhood in Philadelphia is different. Their differences span architecture, denizens, thriving businesses, and just a different zip code.  Within these various neighborhoods there are neighborhood and civic associations improve communities, help citizens network, and facilitate communication with the city government. Most of these associations hold weekly meetings that are open to residents who are encouraged to attend.



Some meetings are held in neighborhood homes, others are held in a community or public space so it is welcoming and inclusive to everyone who wants to attend.  Each of the associations have an agenda per meeting, along with a board to keep everything in order. All of the people who are involved are volunteers because they want to better the neighborhood, but do it in a collective way.


Community Associations are extremely powerful.  They able to approve or deny all building projects within the neighborhood.  They also create a voice to advocate for resources to be allocated to the designated neighborhood. On a more fun note, during Christmas time, many associations have meetings to talk about hanging lights and decorating (very common in South Philly).  Others discuss welcoming new businesses to the area, and new neighbors in the community! Civic Associations also have the power to start a community garden in the neighborhood, and let the residents take care of the garden. Having a community liaison to the rest of Philly really helps the neighborhood overall.


On the Philadelphia Government Website they have a giant list of all of the registered community organizations throughout the city, which includes neighborhood and business civic associations.  Make sure to go to their website and find when and where your neighborhood association meets and get involved!


Friday, July 4th, 2014

Tapas Meets Japas!

yakyak 3

By Jarek Cotto

Yakitori Boy sits at 211 N 11th street right around Race. It is Philadelphia’s first Izakaya, which is a Japanese version of a pub. Traditionally, in an Izakaya, food must be accompanied by drink. They serve a variety of small dishes for snacking while drinking here at Yakitori Boy. They specialize in Yakitori skewers of meat, seafood and vegetables, seasoned and grilled to perfection by their skilled chefs. They believe food should be shared, so many of their dishes are small and sharable, like their half rolls of sushi. Their menu is tapas style, so they’ve dubbed their food as “Japas.” Their sushi is impeccable. I strongly recommend their Eel Boy. It comes with eel rolls and eel sashimi served with eel sauce (don’t knock it until you try it!).

yakitoriyak 2

This place also offers an array of drinks anyone would find enticing during happy hour. Since it is in the style of a pub, you can expect there to be many fine drink choices. Imported saki as well as other quality draft beer are included in their menu. Enjoy a refreshing beverage while you eat the okonomyaki, tako yaki, or udon which are meant as finger food while you sip cocktails.

yakitori 1

Yakitori Boy also offers karaoke which is quite a popular attraction here. This unique service is what completes the eclectic ambience of the place. They have private VIP rooms upstairs which fit between 6 and 30 people, so you and all your friends can sing classics from your childhood all night long. The staff here is professional. You will never have to worry about your glass remaining empty for long because the waiters will be right there with some more sake for you. This place offers a different type of experience. You should definitely not be afraid to venture into something new.