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Sunday, October 5th, 2014

Price Reduction On The Jewel Of East Passyunk!


1026 Cross St- The Jewel Of East Passyunk


1026 Cross St.


by Elizabeth Flynn

You may have noticed all the press (here, here, and here!!!!) that Bruce Stranix and RE/MAX Access have been getting over our sumptuous listing, 1026 Cross Street- known throughout South Philly (and Google) as The Jewel of East Passyunk.

Why is everyone going gaga over this property? Because it is truly unique and full of lovingly customized details. You’ve heard about the wine cellar, the elevator, the custom bar and game room, the panoramic views from the huge roof deck, the ginormous fridge, the luxurious fixtures, etc. It has 4 spacious bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and approximately 5200 sq ft of living space! It even comes with a 2 car garage.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, its PRICE has been REDUCED to just $1,150,00!  For more information call Bruce Stranix or RE/MAX Access today before this offer gets snatched up!


Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Want To Make A Change In Your Neighborhood?

by Karley Cohen

@ftpforthepeople on instagram

@ftpforthepeople on instagram

Every neighborhood in Philadelphia is different. Their differences span architecture, denizens, thriving businesses, and just a different zip code.  Within these various neighborhoods there are neighborhood and civic associations improve communities, help citizens network, and facilitate communication with the city government. Most of these associations hold weekly meetings that are open to residents who are encouraged to attend.



Some meetings are held in neighborhood homes, others are held in a community or public space so it is welcoming and inclusive to everyone who wants to attend.  Each of the associations have an agenda per meeting, along with a board to keep everything in order. All of the people who are involved are volunteers because they want to better the neighborhood, but do it in a collective way.


Community Associations are extremely powerful.  They able to approve or deny all building projects within the neighborhood.  They also create a voice to advocate for resources to be allocated to the designated neighborhood. On a more fun note, during Christmas time, many associations have meetings to talk about hanging lights and decorating (very common in South Philly).  Others discuss welcoming new businesses to the area, and new neighbors in the community! Civic Associations also have the power to start a community garden in the neighborhood, and let the residents take care of the garden. Having a community liaison to the rest of Philly really helps the neighborhood overall.


On the Philadelphia Government Website they have a giant list of all of the registered community organizations throughout the city, which includes neighborhood and business civic associations.  Make sure to go to their website and find when and where your neighborhood association meets and get involved!


Monday, July 7th, 2014

FYI – Capogiro Delicious-ness


Capogiro Logo

by Karley Cohen

Capogiro Gelato is a family-run business started in December 2002.  This delicious Italian treat has made its way to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, and is made fresh every morning with dairy from grass-fed, hormone-free cows, and local hand picked produce. There are now four (!) brick and mortar Capogiro Gelato Cafe’s.


Midtown Village
119 South 13th Street
(Corner of 13th and Sansom)
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Rittenhouse Square
117 South 20th Street
(Corner of 20th and Sansom)
Philadelphia, PA 19103

University City
3925 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Passyunk Scoop Shop
1625 East Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19148


These are other places that carry Capogiro’s delicious gelato as well: 

Guido’s Fresh Marketplace
1020 South Street
Pittsfield, MA
(413) 442-9912

New Jersey
Joe Leone’s
400 Route 35 south
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ‎
(732) 701-0001

Altomonte’s Italian Market
Pints available at both locations!

Natural Harvest Market
45 South Main Street
Mullica Hill, NJ‎
(856) 417-3812

Caffe Galleria
23 North Union Street
Lambertville, NJ‎
(609) 397-2400

Whole Food Markts
Various Wholes Foods throughout the 5 boroughs
Mon Aimee Chocolat
2101 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 
(412) 395-0022
Nana Petrillo’s
1001 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(267) 519-9715
Bovella’s Bakery
101 East Broad Street
Westfield N.J. 07090
(908) 232-4149
Friday, May 30th, 2014

Buy Your Dream Home with RE/MAX Access


By: Elizabeth Flynn



As the Digital Media Director of RE/MAX Access I get a lot of questions from friends and potential clients about how to improve your credit to qualify for a mortgage and buy a house. One of our Facebook fans reached out to us to ask how she could purchase a home making $140,000 per year with a credit rating in the 550’s. My advice to her applies to all potential homebuyers. RE/MAX Access can help a buyer through the entire process of credit rehabilitation to the dream of home ownership.


I’m doing it and so can you!




We are currently developing a program to help first time homebuyers navigate the hurdles towards buying a home- including credit! Keep your eyes out for when we have this up and running. This is something that I have gone through myself. I have been rehabbing my credit for the past four years and have recently pre-qualified for a mortgage through our in-house lender, Quaint Oak Mortgage. My advice to you is this- if you and your husband are making $140,000 a year, you should be able to create a plan to pay off some of your debts and improve your credit rating.


I brought my own up from 540 to 681 through getting my student loans out of default and paying in a timely manner, paying off any outstanding collections accounts on my credit (most collections companies will take a fraction of the outstanding balance to close the account, or will let you create a payment plan), and maintaining low balances on the credit cards I do have. Pay off accounts in collections first, then pay down your cards based on which ones have the highest interest rates. Your ability to qualify for a mortgage is based on your debt to income ratio, so holding low balances is very important.


If you really apply yourself to this process it does work.



I used a free online program called to monitor my progress. I keep all my due dates set with multiple reminders. I also found a lot of financial advice on the website RE/MAX Access can also introduce you to a trusted credit counselor. I know it seems like a long process, but if you commit to it you can begin a lifetime of accruing wealth for your family, rather than paying more for rent and high interest rates. The lower your debt to income ratio is, the better interest rate you will qualify for on your mortgage.


You’d be surprised that with a low interest rate your mortgage can be equal or less to what you pay in rent, and you will be generating equity with every payment. Create a financial plan for your family that includes these short term goals, and then work on the longer term ones.


The Author's Cute Family!

The Author’s Cute Family!


Having an organized and informed plan for your financial future is so important. If you’d like to come in and talk to our mortgage company about pre- qualifying for a home loan, I can certainly arrange that. We can also pair you with a buyer’s real estate agent that specializes in the area where you’d like to focus your search. I’m available all the time to help you with your process. If you’d like to call me in the office our number is 215-400-2600. RE/MAX Access is committed to helping all of our clients achieve the dream of home ownership and we can help you from beginning to end.

Every agent and all the staff at RE/MAX Access helped me!

We’re here for you,
Elizabeth Flynn
Digital Media Director
RE/MAX Access


Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

FYI- The Future of Philly

Art By Hawk Krall.

Art By Hawk Krall.

Curated by: Karley Cohen


How Philly neighborhoods got their names! Local and international artists in South Philly full time! New drinks introduced at Franklin and Mortgage – yumm! New ideas for Fairmount Park!

How Philadelphia’s Neighborhoods Got Their Names (mental floss)

Makers Dozen, A New Store On East Passyunk Avenue, Promises Handcrafted Goods From Local And International Artists All Year Round (uwishunu)

Long Hots, Cinnamon and Noilly Pratt: New Cocktail Menu At Franklin Mortgage (foobooz)

What’s Next For Fairmount Park? (curbed)

Friday, May 9th, 2014

FYI- What’s HAPPENING in Philly?

photo: mytoenailcameoff

photo: mytoenailcameoff

Curated by: Jarek Cotto

Want to help clean up the flooded banks of the Schulkyll? Did Philly just lost a waterfront advocate? And what’s up with Mayor Nutter killing smoking in all public parks? Also read about the 6 homes that rose from the grave. See what’s happening in Philly these days.

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Glitter Mixed with Rock ‘N Roll

by Karley Cohen 563353_403720152991243_562768646_n 1383801_621187847932071_991412881_n

Leah Delfiner is a fabulous, vibrant, East Passyunk Crossing resident who is the creator of the clothing line Pretty Pretty Rebel.  She is a graduate of The Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she learned all about the Fashion Industry but her main concentration was in Fashion Design.  Leah was offered an awesome internship with Betsey Johnson which was her main inspiration for launching Pretty Pretty Rebel in 2012.  After coming out with Pretty Pretty Rebel Leah was accepted into the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator as a 2013 Designer in Residence.





In 2013, Pretty Pretty Rebel started up a children’s line, that is, according to Leah, “an American made children’s wear clothing brand inspired by rock and roll music, and featuring bright colors, and wild imagination”.  The clothing is geared towards sassy young girls between the ages of 4-10 who have the attitude and energy of little rock stars!  Leah channels her vibrant energy into her work and uses fun crazy patterns, and a “punk rock bravado”, as she calls it.   Her main focus is on her children’s line right now, and she is currently working on a spring/summer 2015 collection.






Pretty Pretty Rebel is making waves all throughout Philadelphia.  Leah will be selling clothes at Art Star Bazaar the weekend of May 10th.  Art Star’s brick and mortar shop is based on 2nd Street in Northern Liberties.  She will also be showcasing her clothes at various trunk shows throughout the city and surrounding areas.  Make sure you keep an eye out for this awesome vibrant fashion for young girls throughout Philadelphia – especially in South Philly where Leah resides.  Her residency in the East Passyunk Cross is great for her line as well because of so many young millennials with dynamic fashion sense, and their budding families are living in that neighborhood making her a visible and a walking face for her company Pretty Pretty Rebel.  If you see Leah around, make sure to say hi – she is just as exuberant as her designs.


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