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Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

10 Spot in No Libs You Can’t Miss!

by Karley Cohen

Northern Liberties is a constantly growing section of the city that is north of Old City, and boarded by Girard Avenue and Callowhill between 6th Street and the Delaware River.  It is very easily accessible to get to using SEPTA and has tons of awesome stuff happening in the area all of the time.

Here are 10 spots you can’t miss in No Libs:

Creep Records

1050 N Hancock Street @ Piazza

creep records

El Camino Real

1040 N 2nd Street

el camino


1050 N Hancock Street @ Piazza


North Bowl

909 N 2nd Street

north bowl

Northern Liberty Tattoo

823 N 2nd Street

no lib tattoo

One Shot Coffee

217 W George Street

one shot coffee


847 N 3rd Street



1050 N Hancock Street @ Piazza


Standard Tap

907 N 2nd Street

standard tap

The Foodery

837 N 2nd Street


Monday, July 28th, 2014

Sean Dundon Rules

Sean Dundon RE/MAX Access The Somers Team

by Elizabeth Flynn

Every so often we get a great review from one of our clients that reminds us why we got into the Real Estate business in the first place.  Stephanie and Chris Somers received this review from one of their team member’s clients. Sean Dundon has a long history of helping his clients and guiding them through interesting (to say the least) situations that can arise in real estate transactions.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Somers,

 Today I closed on the above property in East Kensington.  Sean Dundon from your office acted as my purchasing agent.  I thought his efforts deserve an email.  Being a real estate litigator, I consider myself familiar with the process of purchasing a home; however I still learned many things from Sean who was a wealth of local knowledge.  Importantly, he was honest with me when it could have benefited him to give the easy answer and make a quick sale.  Trust and integrity is paramount to me in all my business dealings, and because of Sean’s patience and honesty I have recommended him to my sister who has made an offer down the street (hopefully to close within the next month).

I simply write to give you my honest opinion that Sean deserves accolades for his efforts, and I would recommend him to anyone in the area.  If you ever need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

 Andrew Marley

We couldn’t be prouder when our agents receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work and perseverance. Here’s a big cheers and congrats to our boy Sean Dundon.

Check out his website if you are looking for exceptional real estate guidance!

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Get to Know: Steve O!



by Jarek Cotto and Elizabeth Flynn

RE/MAX Access is starting a new feature that showcases some of our agents’ favorite things in and around Philadelphia. First and foremost is our broker/owner Steven Osiecki. Steve is a successful realtor and a dedicated mentor to all of the diverse family of agents at RE/MAX Access. He also LOVES cigars! Check out our profile of Xhale Cigars, one of Steve’s favorite things in one of Steve’s favorite neighborhoods, Fishtown!


In the heart of Fishtown lies the tobacco shop Xhale Lounge. Located at 453 E Girard Ave, this place is as close to cigar heaven as it gets. Tobacco lovers from all over the area come to relax and enjoy some of their favorite brands of cigars with other enthusiasts, hence the “lounge” in its name. When you walk in, it is not uncommon to find other patrons chilling inside Xhale. It is a place where you can just unwind after a long day, grab your favorite cigar, and just converse with others that are doing the same thing.


This place looks great on the inside. Hardwood floors and big leather chairs just add that extra level of comfort. The look of Xhale is very inviting and just screams, “Take a load off and stay awhile.” Once inside, you are surrounded by a large selection of the finest tobacco available in the area. They even have a walk-in humidor kept at the perfect temperature for those “special” cigars. Xhale not only offers cigars, but they also have a host of other products for tobacco lovers. They carry hand blown glass pipes, water pipes, rolling paper, and other tobacco products that aren’t cigars. They even carry vaporizers.


The owner of Xhale Lounge, Brad, is a very nice and knowledgable guy. I have met him on more than one occasion, and hes a pleasure to speak with. He is very passionate about cigars, so he knows a whole wealth of information. His knowledge is not limited to cigars either, ask him about any product in his store and he will tell you everything you need to know about it. Glad to know that there is a place as cool and chill as Xhale Lounge in Fishtown. It is the place to be on Friday nights, so come and see for yourself how great this place is!