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Monday, June 1st, 2015

FYI: Philly Will be Getting Its First Protected Bike Lanes.

By: Jarek Cotto


Philly has tons of beautiful streets. You just need to know where to find them. Here’s a list of the 25 most beautiful streets in Philadelphia.


What are some of the most outrageous tourist destinations in Philly that are actually real? Here’s a list of 12 of them.


With the Pope’s arrival getting closer and closer it is no wonder why so many in the city are preparing. The Philadelphia Mural Arts program announced that the Pope will be getting his own mural at St. Malachy School. More here.


Why is a 61 foot, 11 ton rubber ducky is coming to the Philadelphia waterfront? Find out below.


SEPTA will ban all Anti-Islam ads to be run on local buses. That goes for tobacco and guns as well.


Philly is planning on adding more than 10 new miles of bike lanes to the city. There are even plans to introduce Philly’s first protected bike lanes in Northeast Philadelphia which will be running along Frankford and Ryan Avenues. Read more here.

Monday, April 27th, 2015

FYI: Should We Be Concerned That Handgun Sales Have Skyrocketed?


By: Jarek Cotto


A Kensington mother locks her kids in the basement as punishment. She claims to not know that the door was locked. Really?


A NoLibs resident responds to his neighbors nasty note about his big, ugly hummer by writing a column! See what he has to say here.


Handgun sales in PA rise 171%. What does that mean exactly? Read more.


Think our Mayors are a little weird? Well, you won’t believe these 9 incredible true tales of our past mayors.


Comcasts mission to merge with Time-Warner Cable has officially failed. But why? Find out below.


Ever find yourself making endless laps downtown trying to find parking? Well, check out this app that shows you where the cheapest parking in the city is.

Monday, February 9th, 2015

FYI: Paid Sick Leave Now Gets Mayors Support.

By: Jarek Cotto

This Philly politician wants marijuana sold at state stores. Is it a good idea? Jim Kenney, the newly announced mayoral candidate is the one backing this. It would be a good idea, if weed were to be legalized in PA.


A Bucks County Wawa was robbed by a man wielding large kitchen knife. Watch the footage showing the robber purchasing something and paying for it, then while the cash register was open, he took out a large knife and got away with an undisclosed amount of money. police are still searching for the suspect.


Paid sick leave is looking like it will be coming to Philly very soon. It sounds like a great idea. Here are 10 reasons why it is great for business too!


This Jersey man gets over 60,000 people to sign his petition for Chris Christie to pardon him on a gun charge. More below.


Lyft launched on Friday and there has already been an impoundment because of a sting operation. Boy, the PPA sure isn’t letting up.


Eleven cars out of a 111-car CSX train carrying crude oil derailed over the weekend. No one was hurt and there was no leaks this time, but will we be so lucky the next time?

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

FYI: Don’t Worry Philly, Beans is Fine.

By: Jarek Cotto


A group of 9 people initiated a dine and dash at Dim Sum Garden on Friday. This was no ordinary dine and dash either. They set off fire crackers shortly before jetting out of the door. Police are still investigating.


Septa Police and the PPD are testing out new body cameras. After the recent incidences of police brutality, a staggering number of people are in favor of police wearing body cameras at all times. Will this have any positive effect? Only time will tell.


Charges against Philly Jesus were dropped after being arrested for failure to disperse. His lawyer, Charles Gibbs, said in a tweet, “People said #freePhillyJesus and we at @thegreenfirmllc said “o.k.” Now, he’s free from persecution….” Now, how long will he stay out of trouble?


Jason Werth sentenced to jail for speeding.


Philly rapper, Beanie Sigel was shot in Pleasantville after a dispute. Don’t worry, he’s fine!


Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Will New Development Revive This Old Commercial District?

By: Jarek Cotto

There was once a lively commercial corridor on the 900 block of Marshall Street that was full of shops and pushcarts like the Italian Market. This small street between Poplar and Girard stopped being a bustling district due to a combination of white flight and a redevelopment plan from the 1950s that never came to fruition that ultimately sunk most of the Marshall Street businesses according to Philaplace. The street stayed that way for years and it looks pretty bad today. Many of the buildings remaining on the block still appear to have residential tenants, but the storefronts are mostly closed down. You will have no problem finding a vacant lot either as they are littered around in abundance.

New homes are getting built on Marshall St. Two have risen to date, at 922 and 936 N. Marshall St. One has already been sold, but 936 N. Marshall St. is still on the market for $550K.  The homes are three stories high and have parking out front. They have 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and 3,000 sqft of living space. Development doesn’t end with the construction of these two homes either.  According to the listings, five more homes are in the works, making this a seven home development.

This development on Marshall Street is just another symptom of the expanding boundaries of Northern Liberties development. If this project proves successful, we might see more change on this street, though it may never return to its former glory.


Monday, October 27th, 2014

FYI: Hundreds Of Motorists Honor Deceased Philly Celebrity “Dirt Bike Rell”.


By: Jarek Cotto

The PPA has launched undercover “sting” operations against UberX, a company that provides transportation services like taxi cabs but for a cheaper price. They have been setting up UberX drivers by requesting a pick up, then towing their cars after they arrive. Why are they doing this? Read about it below.

SEPTA will go on strike. The only question is, when it will happen. SEPTA’s union voted unanimously for the strike, but have no idea when the actual strike will happen.

Hundreds of motorists come together to mourn death of one of Philly’s most popular dirt bike riders, Dirt Bike Rell, at Tindley Temple United Methodist Church. After the service, they all rode their dirt bikes and atv’s down Broad St. in honor of the slain dirt biker weaving in and out of traffic. Eventually, the police were called in to reestablish order and safety to the area.

The same Pathmark that someone was stabbed in while shoppers kept shopping was the scene of another incident. A woman came in screaming about being assaulted by a 19 year old man. That man was cornered by shoppers until the police arrived. More below.

The Pennsylvania House has approved a bill that would allow membership groups like the NRA to sue municipalities for having overly restrictive gun laws. Corbett is expected to sign.

Philadelphia has given its first marijuana citation to a man named Mike Whiter. The funny part about it was that it was completely intentional. Find out why he did it.

The Philadelphia Police Department has paid nearly $40 million dollars for police misconduct since 2009 according to a website that specializes in open records requests.

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

#HotProps: Rent on the River with Pier 3 Condominiums

Views at Pier 3

Views at Pier 3

By: Jarek Cotto

Pier 3 Condominiums are in a prime location on the Delaware River waterfront. There is a luxury rental property currently available very close to Old City and Philadelphia’s historic treasures. This beautiful and conveniently located spot has a rich history and rad modern amenities. According to the Pier 3 website,

“In 1907, the City of Philadelphia established the Department of Wharves, Docks, and Ferries as a division of its Department of Commerce to meet the needs of the city’s growing foreign, inter-coastal, coastal and Delaware River trade.  Besides having regulatory power for the entire local urban waterfront, the new department oversaw the construction and maintenance of dozens of municipally-owned piers and port facilities in the early decades of the 20th century.  The Department of Wharves, Docks, and Ferries built Pier 3 North and its sister building Pier 5 North in 1922 and 1923 as the last component of this particular phase of improvements to the Port of Philadelphia.”

In 1984, it was converted to 172 apartments with covered parking available. It became one of Philadelphia’s most popular and sought after properties to live in after it was reorganized as a condominium in 1994.

Pier 3 strives to give its residents a bang for their buck! Living on the waterfront with a mind blowing balcony view of the Delaware River isn’t all this home has to offer. The condo fees include a 24-hour concierge, digital cable, an on-site parking garage, a heated indoor lap pool, updated fitness center, as well as snow removal and maintenance of the structure and all common areas. If you don’t think that’s cool enough, there is a more comprehensive list you can visit the amenities section of their website.

Great living space with 2 Bed, 2 Full bath, living room, dining space and full kitchen! Fantastic storage with two walk in closets. Large (floor to ceiling) sliding glass doors open to your personal deck facing the Ben Franklin Bridge. Enjoy dinner on this spacious deck overlooking the water and Marinas, or watch fire works from the comfort of your own home – perfect for entertaining guests! Very private space.


This professionally managed condominium has an active and responsive Board of Directors. It has also gained recognition as a Gold Star Community since 2010 by the Community Associations Institute as a result of achieving excellence in areas such as establishing and maintaining excellent standards, maintaining fiscal responsibility and stability, exerting architectural control, providing rules of enforcement, encouraging community involvement, and positively impacting the quality of life for its residents.


As you can see, the condo is beautiful inside and out.  That view is breathtaking and worth everything.  You can’t beat the location and everything the Condo at Pier 3 have  to offer.




Contact Bob Wombwell for more info!

Robert Wombwell, SRES
RE/MAX Access
1033 N. 2nd St 
5th Floor
Phila., PA 19123
Office 215-400-2600
Fax    215-400-2650
Cell  215-760-5828

Monday, October 6th, 2014

FYI: The City of “Brothely” Love.



By: Jarek Cotto

SEPTA could be going on strike this February, and one of the reasons why may shock you. It has to do with uniforms! The engineers just don’t think that they should be made to wear a uniform other than the vest they already have. See why they’re opposed below.


Biking in a major city could be dangerous sometimes. Check out these 5 tips for  safer biking in Philly.


Mayor Nutter reminds people that it is still not okay to smoke in public parks after signing the bill that would decriminalize marijuana. He tweeted a reminder to remind everyone that it is still illegal.


What were brothels like in Philly back in 1849? Find out where they were and what is standing in their place today.


Philadelphia spent $18 million on a boardwalk that only a few will get to enjoy and not on our failing school system. Really?


Overbrook 7-Eleven robbed with an AK-47 style rifle. Watch the video below.


Remember how Revel Casino was supposed to be building a university for geniuses? They’re not any more. Find out who outbidded Floridas developer Glenn Straub and what they are going to do to the place.


Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

#HotProps: 1240 N. 4th St. Brings Luxury to South Kensington.



By: Jarek Cotto

1240 N. 4th is one of South Kensingtons premier residential homes. It’s just a stones throw the hustle and bustle of Northern Liberties. The first recorded sale of this home was in February 1986 to a lady named Gladys Lopez for $8,300. Over the years it has been purchased by different companies with the goal of renovating and flipping the home for a profit.

In January 1996, Inner City Rehabilitators Inc purchased the home for $10,000 and flipped it in 2003 for a profit of $20,000. The next purchase was not until 2005 when the home was sold to its current owners for $300,000 after it was expertly renovated.

This enormous increase in property values illustrates the trajectory of home pricing in the microcosm of Nolibs and Philadelphia on a larger scale.

The story of this home shows how rapidly development and gentrification have been advancing in this area for years.

 RE/MAX Access’ own Christopher Somers is the listing agent for this South Kensington gem.


1240 N. 4th st., Kitchen



Here is the full description from

“Welcome to this stunning and modern 4 bedroom, 2 bath home that was expertly renovated in 2005. Property located in rapidly developing South Kensington and is a stones throw from Northern Liberties, the Piazza, Taco Riendo, Crane Arts building and all the great restaurants in the area. Step into the first floor into the open grand living room and dining room, refinished hardwood flooring and plenty of room to entertain. Kitchen is expansive and modern with high end cabinets, counter-top and stainless steel appliances. The kitchen leads out to a nice patio area for grill and table with chairs, perfect for summer bbq and/or pets. Take the stairs up to the second level that has two large bedrooms, laundry and shared bath. Third floor is expansive master bedroom suite complete with full bathroom. Don’t miss out on touring the deck with amazing city views off of the master suite. All mechanicals updated in 2005. Great comps in the area and new construction in every direction. This is a must see and easy to show”

If you are interested in checking out this beaut, schedule your showing right away because it might not stay on the market for long.




Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Hot #HotProps: Ghost Sign House Edition

Ghost Sign House Beautifully Rehabbed


By: Elizabeth Flynn


You may have seen the article in Curbed Philadelphia profiling the rehab of 2661 Martha St. in Fishtown, where James Roletter uncovered a Ghost Sign while rehabbing the Fishtown property. After some research Roletter found that the sign was an advertisement for Snellenburg’s Clothing Manufacturers.

Snellenburg’s was at one time the largest clothing manufacturer in the world, and it used to reside right at that wonky intersection of South Street, Fifth Street and Passyunk Avenue.

Rolleter incorporated the Ghost Sign into the design of the rehabbed home, and the results are a beautiful blend of modern luxury fixtures and antique industrial style, with a nod to Philadelphia’s history as a major manufacturing center. Rolleter’s Ghost Sign House has also been featured on, which documents “faded advertisements from around the world,” but began in Philly.


One of RE/MAX Access’s enterprising agents, David Guido, has listed 2661 Martha St. in all it’s Ghost Sign glory, so we at the Access Philly Real Estate Blog are able to deliver the images of the finished rehab to our readership.

Here’s the property description in it’s entirety,

This Fishtown beauty has been completely remodeled from top to bottom starting with all new electrical, plumbing, & heating systems. Enter into living with exposed brick and recessed lighting. There are refinished original pine flooring throughout the home. The kitchen features custom cabinets, stainless steel appliances including a dishwasher, over the range microwave, & gorgeous granite counters. The 2nd floor features 2 spacious bedrooms both of which have ample closet space. There is a full 3 Piece bathroom with heated floors. Partially finished basement (bonus room) w high ceilings. Central air unit will definitely keep you cool on those hot summer days. Home also features custom made railing, private yard, powder room and laundry room on 1st floor. This one truly is a must see.

If you or your clients are interested in seeing the Ghost Sign House, you better hurry! I’ve heard rumors that an offer may already be in the works… Here are some more images to whet your industrial style loving appetite. Go see it in person before it’s off the market.

Listing Agent:

David Guido
1033 N 2nd St., 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19123
P: +1 (215) 760-9196
Email Dave!