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Monday, September 29th, 2014

FYI: Could ISIS Attack Our Subways? SEPTA Thinks So.

By: Jarek Cotto

Do you ever find yourself alone and in need of human contact? With the new app Cuddlr, you can now set up a meeting with a complete stranger to cuddle in a place of your choosing. This app shows how much our human interactions have suffered because of technology.


Two former principals have been charged with changing answers on standardized tests to boost scores. Find out what is going to happen to them below.


Man robs Dunkin’ Donuts with hypodermic needle on Sunday morning. See details below.


Hate crime laws may get beefed up by the city council. This is the result of when two men and a female beat up a man for being gay.


Philadelphia city councilman Kenyatta Johnson wants to ban the sale of realistic looking toy guns. Will the council go through with it? California tried to do the same thing last year and failed. More below.


Do you think a terrorist attack can happen in Philadelphia? SEPTA thinks so. They already increased security because of rumors of an impending attack on US and French subways. See why they are taking these precautions.



Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

10 Spots in the Gayborhood ~ Gay Pride Edition


by:  Karley Cohen

In honor of this past weekend being the start of Gay Pride Month, and kicking it off with a block party in the gayborhood, Dyke March on Saturday and then the Gay Pride Parade and festivities this past Sunday – I’m going to tell you all about 10 awesome spots in the gayborhood that you should check out! The Gayborhood is located between 11th Street and Juniper Street between Pine Street and Walnut Street and extremely easily accessible via public transportation of all kinds.


12th Street Gym – 204 South 12th Street

Home of over 35 quality personal trainers and about 60 group classes a week at various levels for all people.  This gym doesn’t discriminate against body type or any sort of identity, so it is a safe space for everyone and anyone to join and go to.


13th Street Pizza (Homo Hut/Gay Pizza) – 209 South 13th Street

13th Street Pizza… also known as “Homo Hut” or “Gay Pizza” is everyones favorite late night snack after dancing the night away.  They have tons of different kinds of pizza and are open until 3:30am so you can head there after you end the night at Voyeur.


Bike Stop – 205 South Quince Street

Typically, the Bike Stop is geared towards the leather community and has been for 28 years and going strong.  But every first friday of the month, the party Cut N Paste comes in and uses the top two floors to have one of the most inclusive and fun LGBTQIAlphabet dance parties in the city.


Giovanni’s Room – 1145 Pine Street

gio room

Founded in 1973, Giovanni’s  Room is the oldest LGBTQ bookstore in the country. It has tons of books and films that span the entire queer spectrum.  Just in case they don’t have what you are looking for in the store, no worries the staff is so helpful and nice they will order it just for you!  This historical store is a crucial part of the gayborhood and LGBTQ community within Philadelphia.

iCandy – 254 South 12th Street

This multi-floor club is newly renovated and has all kinds of different themes inside and specials all week long. Monday-Friday they have a happy house from 4-7.  They are also known for their “Frat House Fridays” which is 18 to enter and 21 to drink until 2am.


Mazzoni Center – 21 South 12th Street

The Mazzoni Center is Philadelphia’s LGBT health and wellness center that was founded in 1979. They have become very well known nationally for their health care services, especially ones relating to trans* people who are seeking hormone replacement therapy making Philadelphia a destination location.  The Mazzoni center is also hosting the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference that is coming June 12-14.

Tabu – 200 South 12th Street

Tabu is a lounge and sports bar – there are two sections, plus a lower level basement.  They have weekly daily specials and also have “Sing For Your Life” Karaoke every Monday from 9pm-2am.


Voyeur – 1221 Saint James Street

Open 7 nights a week until 3am with tons of different DJ’s and events happening daily, this club is another multi-level with various themed rooms.  They are often the host of the monthly lesbian party called Stimulus and where everyone goes after 2am when the rest of the bars close!  This after house spoit is a must-go for you’re dancing adventures.


William Way Community Center – 1315 Spruce Street

In 1975 the space was founded (not in the same location as now), called the Gay Community Center of Philadelphia and it has been a crucial part of the queer community for over 35 years.  Having an ultimate safe space for the LGBTQ community is a crucial part of feeling like you belong.  The William Way Center hosts events for everyone of all ages and interests as well.


Woodys – 202  South 13th Street

Definitely a staple in the gayborhood, Woody’s is a two floor bar, with 3 different rooms!  They have a daily happy hour from 5-7 and has an awesome Latin dance night called Caliente on thursday nights that has no cover!



Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Fresh & Fun – First Fridays

by: Karley Cohen Every first Friday of each month between 5pm and 9pm in the Old City section of Philadelphia, between Front Street and 3rd Street and Market Street and Vine Street, you will see tons of people roaming the area.  Why, you ask? Because it is First Friday! first-friday-600 First Friday began in 1991, and has been going strong since.  It is a time where the galleries in Old City stay open and showcase the work they are displaying.  There are also many Philadelphia local artists who show and sell their art and goods on the designated streets during the evening.  Having “street vendors” at First Fridays really enhances the community vibe in Old City.  The restaurants in the area are also open, with outdoor seating and specials, and there are just droves of people all over the place – it is perfect chaos! 61158_109086319251002_952759763_n Even though the event ends at 9pm, don’t worry! Right at 9pm there is a huge awesome queer dance party called Cut N Paste that happens every first friday at the secret little bar called the Bike Stop!  Bike Stop is located at 206 South Quincy Street – a short walk from Old City – so people can head on over when they are finished checking out all of the art. Cut N Paste was founded by  two DJ’s; Precolumbian and Nolita Selector a few years back – neither of them are Philadelphia natives, but they call Philadelphia home now and are making much progress and gaining lots of recognition with their unique party.  Each party has a different theme, and there is a “no tolerance policy” to make it a safe space for all who come.  Throughout the night, there are portraits that can be taken and a photobooth to get silly in with your friends.  The party takes up two or the four floors in Bike Stop and there is always a $5 cover. 1011002_10102130501699393_1506925267_n Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the Bike Stop on First Fridays for these super fun dance parties, Cut N Paste has a sister party called Sissy Hop, that is new to the scene, and it happens at The Dolphin Tavern every second Thursday of the month that Nolita Selector hosts .  The vibe for Sissy Hop is more of a soul throwback feel, but is just as fun! This Friday, June 6th is the First Friday of the month, so make sure you come on out and check out some of the rad art happenings in Old City and wander up towards Center City/The Gayborhood when you are finished to dance your pants off!

Friday, May 30th, 2014

FYI- Booming Business!


Curated by: Jarek Cotto

Think Philly’s a world-class city? (Of course it is!) Check out PhillyMag’s article on 6 ways Philly is world-class. Philadelphia’s population grows more and more! New housing proposed where the community garden once was in NoLibs. Gay marriage to bring 92 million to PA? Find out more by checking out these links below.