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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Just Some Block Party.



Philadelphia area native, Drexel graduate and party host Gina Piccari let me in on the creation of the event “Just Some Block Party”.


Gina and her partner in crime Maggi have been throwing parties together just over a year. Together they throw a monthly party at Ortlieb’s, Blank Stare and Kitty Kitty//Bang Bang and Maggi throws one at The Dolphin called Sick Sad World in conjunction with the Factory Girls. Together they knew they wanted to throw a party that was huge, outside and would end the summer on a crazy note.

just some block party


During their early 20s they spent most of their time partying all over the city attending various parties, but they wanted to top anything they have ever been to over the years. Gina was throwing around this idea to her friend Adam Burten, better known as “Buttons”, owner and founder of Lost 18, a Philadelphia based party promotion company, and they got the ball rolling on “Just Some Block Party.”




lost 18

The first meeting happened and all of the masterminds were on the same page about what they wanted and, just as originally thought, with more forces and minds involved, Just Some Block Party was conceived.  In Gina’s words, “we wanted all our friends, and friends of friends, coming together to celebrate and have fun, listen to awesome music, dance, socialize and promote their art/music/work.” All of the friends and DJs Gina and Maggi reached out to were so supportive and excited to be apart of the event.

after party





Starting at noon on Sunday August 24th, this all-day block party will feature tons of amazing DJs, beer, and vendors. After the daytime portion of the event is over, the party will continue at The Dolphin until 2am, complete with drink specials and three awesome DJs: Magglezz, Sylo and Strawberry Mansion. Follow the crowds from Cantrell Street (between 5th and 6th) in South Philly, to the doors of The Dolphin at Broad and Tasker where you can get in for $3 with a block party wristband, or just $5 without one.




Gina, Maggi and Adam were not the only minds who put this event together, there were two others who were strongly involved.  These two were Mike Hans and Geo Brooke, also know as DJ OMGeo who is a well known DJ in the city and pulled together a lot of the talent that will be happening at the block party.   Lost 18 was also co-founded by Mike Hans and Lisa Leggieri beside Adam Burton.

If anyone is interested in volunteering or being a vendor please contact Adam at –  him and the rest of the event staff would love the help and hands. 


RSVP to both events here:

Block Party:

After Party:

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

FYI – Bummed you missed Firefly? Don’t be.

by Karley

Philly friends, don’t be too upset about missing Firefly this year because Philly rules and a ton of those awesome musicians  are coming through our beautiful city very soon.  Make sure you check them out and support these talented people.  There are so many different flavors of music there is a little bit for everyone!

June 26 – Johnny Brenda’s
June 28th – Susquehanna Bank Center (Camden, NJ)
July 11 – Susquehanna Bank Center (Camden, NJ)
July 18 – World Cafe Life
July 18 – Johnny Brendas
July 18 – Festival Pier
July 22 – River Stage @ Penn’s Landing
July 27 – TLA
July 27 – XPoNential Music Festival @ Susquehanna Bank Center (Camden, NJ)
July 27 – XPoNential Music Festival @ Susquehanna Bank Center (Camden, NJ)
August 1 – Morgans Pier
August 2 – 1045 Summer Block Party
August 9th – Festival Pier
August 14 – North Star Bar
August 16 – Philly Folk Fe
August 30th – Made in American Tour @ Benjamin Franklin Parkway
August 30th – Made in American Tour @ Benjamin Franklin Parkway
August 31 – Made in America Tour @ Benjamin Franklin Parkway
September 19 – 1045 Summer Block Party Concert @ The Piazza
September 20 – Wells Fargo Center
September 28 – Tower Theater
October 18 –  Union Transfer


Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

District N9ne: Dancing on Command

by Karley Cohen

In the Callowhill section of the city, there is this huge and awesome music venue/club called District N9ne.  Located at 460 North 9th Street, it is well within the boundaries of its neighborhood.  Callowhill is north of Chinatown, south of Poplar, west of Northern Liberties and east of Spring Garden.  The border for Callowhill is between Vine Street and Spring Garden Street, and between Broad Street and 8th Street. Before this venue was District N9ne, it was known as the Starlight Ballroom up until September of 2013, when a man named Richard took over and changed the place a bit.

Inside of the venue is huge.  You walk inside and see the ticket person, in the same room is the women’s restroom which is outside of the actual music venue.  When you walk inside, there is a 21+ section where a bouncer is checking ID’s and giving those who are of age wristbands so they can purchase and consume alcohol from the bar that is towards the right.  In the same section of the bar, there is what I will call a “balcony” but it is more of a deck, or a porch in its style.  There are a few tall round tables, and some light up bean chairs.  From that section you have a perfect view of the stage because you are in the center and raised about a foot off the ground instead of being on the floor.

The main floor itself is huge!  There are giant support poles that are apart of the aesthetic of the interior but there are also circular cushioned seating along the left and right walls (which looking at the stage) that you can definitely sit with some friends in if the mood strikes.

Majority of the music that comes through District N9ne is EDM (electronic dance music) or some variation of that.  Many of the people in that music scene have accessories to enhance their dancing experience such as hula hoops and poi.

Luckily for this huge venue, there is a huge parking lot, directly across the street. This parking lot is the same space that is used for the Punk Rock Flea Market that happens twice a year, and just happened a few weekends ago!  The Punk Rock Flea Market is a place where local artists can show and sell their work or goods.

Having a venue in that location it is helpful with bringing in traffic and people to that neighborhood and having it become more well known.  It is right between various neighborhoods that are well known and well populated, more so than the Callowhill section.  But of course with more business and people coming through the neighborhood is becoming more well known and growing! Check out a show at this venue, you’ll have a blast.

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Hot like- The Fire!



by: Jarek Cotto

When walking down West Girard Avenue you notice a lot of things. One you might miss is a small building next to the Philadelphia Fire Department Engine 29 station. This little bar is called The Fire, and it is also a concert venue.


The staff here are pretty friendly, and they serve up local brews till 2 in the morning. When you first walk in, all you see is just a regular bar, but once you walk to the back, you see the doorway leading to the stage area. The concert space is small, dark, and intimate- the recipe for legendary concerts! A lot of famous musicians played at The Fire when they were unkown, and that’s what attracts a lot of the local talent in the city. They even have quite a deal for bands that want to record an album live.


The unique charm of this dive bar brings in a lot of the indie/artsy crowd in the area. This is reflected in the acts that perform there, but are not limited to it. You can find a whole array of different artists performing here from rappers to grunge metal bands. This place mirrors the attitude of Northern Liberties. The “we’re going to do it how we want to do it, and thats why it’s going to be the best around,” mentality runs strong here.


The Fire isn’t most extravagant bar you have ever been in, but that is what adds to its charm. It’s a great place to have a few local beers with friends, or just spend a Saturday night listening to some bands you may or may not have heard. If you are coming here expecting to know what the atmosphere feels like, you’ll be wrong. The Fire has its own one of a kind vibe at 412 West Girard Ave. Come here and see for yourself what the buzz is about.