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Monday, January 12th, 2015

FYI: Wawa Customer Has Yet to Claim Their $1M in Lottery Winnings!

By: Jarek Cotto

American’s are paying big cash to be cuddled with. A professional cuddler can earn up to $80 an hour! Read more about this growing trend below.


Two men left a 42-year-old man unconscious during a robbery after blindsiding him on the 1700 block of JFK. The suspects can be seen on surveillance tape laughing while using the victim’s bank card to take out money. Read more.


Franklin Towne Charter High School was temporarily cleared after a threat was posted on a social media site. The police departments Homeland Security Unit searched the school but found nothing. No arrests were made, but a student was taken into custody.


There was a shooting at Girards Gold Club at 2:18 a.m. on Saturday. Video footage shows a hispanic male open fire at a small group of individuals after a fight. Two people were struck by bullets and taken to Temple Hospital and were said to be in stable condition.


The former principal at Alain Locke Elementary School has been charged in a cheating scandal. She has been accused of creating an environment that encourages cheating on state assessments. She will be the 8th Philly educator to face charges in the long-running scandal. More below.


A Wawa customer has won $1M after purchasing a winning Mega Millions ticket. There is only one problem. They haven’t claimed the money yet!


Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

FYI: Beer Can Now Be Delivered With Your Pizza!

By: Jarek Cotto

There is a steadily growing gap in funding between Philly’s richest schools and its poorest schools. Read the report below.


When Philly Bike Share comes back around they will offer a new safety feature, pedal powered lights. This unique feature will be added to increase safety and to limit the number of accidents during those heavy biking months. More below.


Uber was sued by 45 Philadelphia cab companies for operating a taxi service illegally. Uber has been under fire from a number of different sources since its introduction to Pennsylvania earlier this year. Will it bounce back?


Two police cruisers heading to the same call collided on Tuesday leading to 6 injuries. The crash happened at 22nd and Montgomery Street.


You can now order a 6-pack with your pizza! So many peoples dreams have just come true! Read more.


A 3-year-old child was struck by a stray bullet in Greys Ferry. It happened after a confrontation lead to shots being fired. A 40-year-old male was also shot. Both victims are reported to be in stable condition.


Monday, December 22nd, 2014

FYI: Watch Where You Park Your Bike!

By: Jarek Cotto

If you are a biker, you may want to take a look at this map of where bikes are stolen most frequently. Most of the thefts occur in Center City and University City.


Someone left over $14,000 of jewelry in a car overnight and guess what? It got stolen. Click below to watch the video of the thief in action. The only question I can think of is why would you leave all of that in a car?


What do you think Philly wants for Xmas? Find out what’s on the list by clicking the link below.


Man was abducted by masked men and beaten. They tried to ransom him off for $10,000. Police found the man in a warehouse in Olney. One man is in custody, and the victim is in critical, but stable condition.


The SS United States isn’t going anywhere, for now. The SS United States Conservancy group has entered into a partnership to redevelop the ship for the time being.


Police are looking for the man who robbed a Dollar Tree on 15th and Chestnut. The suspect reportedly gave a threatening note to the cashier asking for the money. He then casually strolled out of the store counting the cash. Watch the video below.


According to the AMA Journal, men are more idiotic than women. Find out why.


Monday, December 15th, 2014

FYI: Unemployment Rates In Philly Hit A New Low.

By: Jarek Cotto

Police kill a man in Mayfair after a traffic stop. It is not known yet why the confrontation took place or the reason why the officer shot the suspect. More below.


The “University for Geniuses” project might be back on.  A judge approved the termination of the sale of Revel to Brookfield Asset Management making Florida developer Glenn Straub able to purchase the property with his back up bid of 95 million.


Ex-Aide to M. Night Shyamalan might be facing charges after spending over $15000 on a credit card given that was given to her by both Shyamalan and his wife. Shyamalan’s wife received the purchases and confirmed that they were not OK’d by either of them. The aide will face charges next year. Read more.


The police are planning to move their headquarters to West Philadelphia. A group of angry protesters banded together in outrage of this and are planning to begin picketing in front of officials’ homes.


Philadelphia’s employment rate dropped to 6.6% in October of this year. That’s the lowest percentage it’s been since April 2008. The word is quickly spreading that Philly is the place to be if you’re looking to start and grow a business.

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

FYI: Don’t Worry Philly, Beans is Fine.

By: Jarek Cotto


A group of 9 people initiated a dine and dash at Dim Sum Garden on Friday. This was no ordinary dine and dash either. They set off fire crackers shortly before jetting out of the door. Police are still investigating.


Septa Police and the PPD are testing out new body cameras. After the recent incidences of police brutality, a staggering number of people are in favor of police wearing body cameras at all times. Will this have any positive effect? Only time will tell.


Charges against Philly Jesus were dropped after being arrested for failure to disperse. His lawyer, Charles Gibbs, said in a tweet, “People said #freePhillyJesus and we at @thegreenfirmllc said “o.k.” Now, he’s free from persecution….” Now, how long will he stay out of trouble?


Jason Werth sentenced to jail for speeding.


Philly rapper, Beanie Sigel was shot in Pleasantville after a dispute. Don’t worry, he’s fine!


Monday, November 17th, 2014

FYI: This Man Wants To Make The “Batsuit” A Reality.

By: Jarek Cotto

Philadelphia’s recycle rate has increased 155% in just 6 years after Mayor Nutter took office. A few things are the cause of this increase like the weekly recyclables collection, the Recyclebank rewards program, single stream collection, and tickets to those who do not recycle.


Philly Jesus had a run in with the law when he was arrested at love park for disorderly conduct. He claims that the arresting officer threatened to drive to a secret location and beat him up. He was only arrested for 2 hours and now says that a “famous Philadelphia Lawyer” wants to take his case.


Uber Black employees are ratting out UberX drivers because they are stealing all of their customers. The PPA has issued a statement saying that Uber Black drivers can call and report UberX drivers to get them fined and impounded. It has been working too. The PPA has been getting call after call reporting UberX drivers.


The Trump Taj Mahal has released their tentative closing date of December 12th. The employee union is fighting a court-ordered cost saving measure that is voiding their health and pension plans. Owners of the resort say that if something doesn’t happen soon, then they will most certainly close its doors.


Man stabs McDonalds employee after being told to leave during closing time. The suspect followed the employee to the parking lot where he was stabbed in the back and chased. Police have no suspects in custody.


Philadelphia man started a kickstarter to help him create an actual batman suit. He says that he wants it to be actual combat armor. Read more below.


Monday, November 3rd, 2014

FYI: The Most Popular Costume In PA This Year Is Pretty Creepy.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/slenderman28n-1-web.jpg!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/slenderman28n-1-web.jpg

By: Jarek Cotto

A hall-of-fame Mummer and his daughter were accused of attacking a homeless man on the corner of 2nd and Carpenter st. Carmen D’Amato and his daughter Rita D’Amato were arrested on Halloween night. Video shows Rita hitting the homeless man in the chest with a baseball bat and shows Carmen firing 2 shots at the victims legs. The victim was hit once in the left leg.


Police in Towamencin Township, Montgomery County are investigating a razor blade wrapped in a candy bar during trick-or-treating Friday night. The police won’t release many details, but the investigation is ongoing.


Eric Frein, the suspect involved in the shooting death of Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Bryon Dickson in September, has confessed to the murder and is now held without bail. Prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty.


If you’ve never used UberX before, then you may be a victim to some of the myths floating around there. Read below to find out all  you need to know about UberX.


A 12 year old Chester County girl has been charged with making two bomb threats at Kennett Middle School earlier this year. Find out more.


Did you know that not everyone calls the night before Halloween “Mischief Night”? It is actually a very Northeast U.S. thing. See what other places in the U.S. are calling it.


What’s the most popular Halloween costume in Pennsylvania this year? Well, it’s Slender Man of course! Slender Man is a piece of horror fiction that started on the internet, and was made into a pretty popular computer game. The very tall, skinny man with no facial features, a suit and tentacles stalks you through out the game, popping up when you least expect it. If he gets too close to you, then it’s game over. Pretty creepy right!?


Monday, October 27th, 2014

FYI: Hundreds Of Motorists Honor Deceased Philly Celebrity “Dirt Bike Rell”.


By: Jarek Cotto

The PPA has launched undercover “sting” operations against UberX, a company that provides transportation services like taxi cabs but for a cheaper price. They have been setting up UberX drivers by requesting a pick up, then towing their cars after they arrive. Why are they doing this? Read about it below.

SEPTA will go on strike. The only question is, when it will happen. SEPTA’s union voted unanimously for the strike, but have no idea when the actual strike will happen.

Hundreds of motorists come together to mourn death of one of Philly’s most popular dirt bike riders, Dirt Bike Rell, at Tindley Temple United Methodist Church. After the service, they all rode their dirt bikes and atv’s down Broad St. in honor of the slain dirt biker weaving in and out of traffic. Eventually, the police were called in to reestablish order and safety to the area.

The same Pathmark that someone was stabbed in while shoppers kept shopping was the scene of another incident. A woman came in screaming about being assaulted by a 19 year old man. That man was cornered by shoppers until the police arrived. More below.

The Pennsylvania House has approved a bill that would allow membership groups like the NRA to sue municipalities for having overly restrictive gun laws. Corbett is expected to sign.

Philadelphia has given its first marijuana citation to a man named Mike Whiter. The funny part about it was that it was completely intentional. Find out why he did it.

The Philadelphia Police Department has paid nearly $40 million dollars for police misconduct since 2009 according to a website that specializes in open records requests.

Monday, October 20th, 2014

FYI: How Long Will Philly Stay Ebola Free?


By: Jarek Cotto

The losing bidder for the Revel Casino, Glenn Straub,  has filed an appeal of that outcome in state bankruptcy court. He claims that Revel officials did not share promised information about competing bids, and that they accepting a bid past the deadline. Will the “University for Geniuses” actually be made?


Is Camden changing for the better? Many think so. Gun violence is down, outsiders are making investments and redevelopment is slowly starting to take place. Read more about Camdens revival below.


Mayor Nutter assures that Philadelphians are not at risk for getting Ebola. There have been no cases of anyone in Philadelphia with the virus. He says that they are prepared for it if someone does contract it. How long will our city stay this way?


Two women attack a school bus with baseball bats and mace in northeast Philadelphia. Find out what all went down.


Do we still have privacy in the age of the internet? Judging from the recent incidences of hacking going on, we are probably not as safe as we think we are.


Immigration authorities have moved operations to the suburbs of Philly. There have been reports of driver’s license checkpoints popping up to try and catch illegal individuals traveling. They are also raiding the homes of people who are thought to present a threat to the community. Find out more.


Monday, October 13th, 2014

FYI: Philly Doesn’t Have An Ugly Accent. Do We?


By: Jarek Cotto

Woman steals mans prostetic leg at Eagles game. Did he ever get it back? Find out below

SEPTA is making its late-night service run indefinitely. Even though the cost has tripled from the old “Night Owl” service they used to offer, it has been getting many more riders. On an average weekend about 15000 people use this service.

Man robs TD Bank with a Halloween mask. The man robbed the teller at gunpoint, then fled in an old buick with a stolen license plate. Read more.

A passenger was kicked off a flight at the airport for making a joke about the pilots sobriety. This joke turned into a whole fiasco when the pilot was given a sobriety test. After that was all over, everyone was let back on the plane except the one who supposedly made the joke. More details below.

Pathmark customers continue shopping while man was stabbed in the face and neck. Some of those creepy customers were even stepping on blood! One customer even asked a police officer to reach over and pass him cheese! See what happened after that.

Does Philly really have an ugly accent? According to Gawkers “America’s Ugliest Accents Tournament”, we do and we beat out Memphis, Atlanta and New Orleans already. We’re in the semi-finals against Pittsburgh now. Read about it below.