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Monday, November 10th, 2014

FYI: New Shake Shack Mural Coming In December.

By: Jarek Cotto

Local filmmaker Cory Popps is called wasteland, and it follows urban explorers into some of Philly’s most forgotten places. The show is on its second episode. Watch as co-owner of the web-design firm YIKES Inc. explores old, abandoned buildings and their decaying structures. Watch the second episode here.


A baby giraffe named Mika was born at Six Flags Great Adventure’s Safari Offroad Adventure. It is a 5 foot 10 inch female and you can see her now at the theme park.


Zombies scare the crap out of innocent Philadelphians when Youtube pranksters PrankvsPrank came to Philly. They set up in a few areas around town like across from Green Eggs in the Gayborhood and on South st. It looked like a homicide scene with dead bodies lying on the floor and when someone got close enough, boom! You can watch the video below.


Did you know Philly had a taxidermy competition? Neither did I. It’s called Philadelphia Alternative Taxidermy Competition and it takes place on November 15th at Keystone Mini-golf and Arcade. If taxidermy is your thing, then come down and watch as these experts make something unique out of something dead.


Shake Shack will be getting a new mural because of its partnership with Mural Arts. According to a Shake Shack press release, the work was inspired by “the green wall that surrounded the Center City Shake Shack during its opening construction, and reinforced by the plantings that decorate the roof year-round, the mural presents a fantasy of plants growing up the building wall, framing the whimsical encounter between the children. Stylistically, the mural captures the freshness and fluid feel of watercolor painting on a large scale.” The mural is set to debut sometime in December.


Wrestling fans rejoice. The Royal Rumble is coming to Philly on January 25th. Grab your jean shorts and elbow pads and come down to watch some dudes get thrown over some ropes.


Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

RE/MAX Access at the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby

Sean Conroy- Realtor


By: Elizabeth Flynn


There are certain times when you’re in a moment that you know you are participating in an event that is going to become important historically. In the Philadelphia scene, the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby is making its mark in our Philadelphia story. In so many ways, this wacky parade and party epitomizes how our city is growing and changing.




First, it is a collaborative dream of artists working together to do something that might seem like Harold and Kumar’s idea for a great Saturday. But as this wild parade of artists has grown (the event is in its fifth year) it has come to define the community.




The Kensington and Fishtown neighborhoods of Philadelphia have long been plagued with blight and urban decay spurred by the collapse of the industrial economy that birthed and grew those originally immigrant communities. But in recent years, artists like the creatives participating in this event have moved in and begun to refashion the remnants of  industrialism into a burgeoning community of artists and families and an artistic renaissance that’s even been acknowledged by the New York Times.




RE/MAX Access has been a part of the growth and redevelopment of Fishtown and Kensington since the beginning. Some of our agents are long time residents of these communities, children and grandchildren of the immigrants that built these areas and began these neighborhoods originally. We still live here and are in and out of these blocks on a daily basis.




Looking around at he crowd from his post at the mud pit RE/MAX Access’ chosen judge of the proceedings, Agent Sean Conroy could point to the former clients of his enjoying their view of the parade from their fabulous roof top deck.

Events like the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby and the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival help build and grow these neighborhoods where RE/MAX Access has invested its time, hearts, businesses, and families. The success of Fishtown and Kensington as destination neighborhoods is proof that our instincts were right.




As these neighborhoods continue to expand and new local businesses open, hiring creative people to continue the momentum of embracing the historic culture of Philadelphia neighborhoods while building a new, vibrant, creative, communities; RE/MAX Access pledges to continue it’s commitment to real civil engagement and community involvement.




Your neighborhood is our neighborhood. We are Fishtown. We are Kensington. We are NoLibs. We are South Philly. We are West Philly. We are the Northeast, the Southwest, the Metro Area. We are RE/MAX Access. Call us and we’ll help you invest in Philadelphia.




Full Photo Gallery by REMAX ACCESS in Northern Liberties, Philly.