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Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Want To Make A Change In Your Neighborhood?

by Karley Cohen

@ftpforthepeople on instagram

@ftpforthepeople on instagram

Every neighborhood in Philadelphia is different. Their differences span architecture, denizens, thriving businesses, and just a different zip code.  Within these various neighborhoods there are neighborhood and civic associations improve communities, help citizens network, and facilitate communication with the city government. Most of these associations hold weekly meetings that are open to residents who are encouraged to attend.



Some meetings are held in neighborhood homes, others are held in a community or public space so it is welcoming and inclusive to everyone who wants to attend.  Each of the associations have an agenda per meeting, along with a board to keep everything in order. All of the people who are involved are volunteers because they want to better the neighborhood, but do it in a collective way.


Community Associations are extremely powerful.  They able to approve or deny all building projects within the neighborhood.  They also create a voice to advocate for resources to be allocated to the designated neighborhood. On a more fun note, during Christmas time, many associations have meetings to talk about hanging lights and decorating (very common in South Philly).  Others discuss welcoming new businesses to the area, and new neighbors in the community! Civic Associations also have the power to start a community garden in the neighborhood, and let the residents take care of the garden. Having a community liaison to the rest of Philly really helps the neighborhood overall.


On the Philadelphia Government Website they have a giant list of all of the registered community organizations throughout the city, which includes neighborhood and business civic associations.  Make sure to go to their website and find when and where your neighborhood association meets and get involved!


Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Lessons in manner of style

by Jarek Cotto   South Street is one of the main hubs of commerce in the city. Stretching some blocks, South Street is where you will find many places to spend your money. In the midsts of popular restaurants and sneaker stores lies a boutique dedicated to providing premium quality apparel and shoes. This place is called P’s & Q’s. Located right between 8th and 9th on south.  At first,  the shop might be easy to pass.  If you are not looking carefully, it would be easy to miss this unobtrusive shop. Once stepping in, one is immediately grabbed by the appearance of the store. Beautiful hardwood floors and shelves line the entire shop. Everything is bright and inviting.   The brands stocked in P’s & Q’s are thoughtful and considered. You can browse through a rack of the Massachusetts’ brand Penfield; Brooklyn’s The Hill-Side and Copenhagen’s fresh menswear line Norse Projects (the only place in Philly that carries this brand) just to name a few. P’s & Q’s also offers up home goods and skincare from eco-conscious brands like Izola and Baxter. The back of the store showcases beautiful hardcover tomes from Taschen Books and U.S. stationery brand Field Notes. The shop also carries their own line of t-shirts with smart and bold graphics created in-house. What I like most about this place is the overall vibe it has. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful, and most of all laid back and unpretentious. P’s & Q’s showcases their own interests and sense of style as opposed to following the latest trends or letting blog posts from the popular urban fashion website Hypebeast dictate their inventory. They also focus on brands that have eco and socially conscious business practices. P’s & Q’s does everything with their own sense of flare and style. The store has a clear focus and aesthetic and is a welcome addition to the city.